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Title: :( Colorado Theater Accident :(

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    Default :( Colorado Theater Accident :(

    In Aurora, Colorado at midnight for the premiere of "Dark Knight Rises", many people were injured. Yesterday, Christian Bale (Batman) went to Colorado's theater killing memorial and visited a few people in the hospital.

    Now please, in your prayers, pray for everyone who died last week. Pray for the people who's bodies are now buried and souls who are in Heaven with God. Pray especially for a poor girl and her mother who is hospitalized. If you're ever in Colorado for anything, go to the memorial.

    May God always be with theses families. Amen.

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    Default Re: :( Colorado Theater Accident :(

    They wil all way be remembered. It is so sad someone had to do this in a movie to all those people. I will pray for the people.

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    Default Re: :( Colorado Theater Accident :(

    You know in Somalia 15,000 people died yesterday. As well as another 5,000 in Syria.

    Never the less, it was really sad.

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    Default Re: :( Colorado Theater Accident :(

    This is a truly tragic event that has hit home with many people in our community, as we all understand the love people may have for an imaginary universe and the passion these fans would have for this movie.

    Unfortunately this topic is not an appropriate one to discuss on our forums. I would really encourage everyone to find an adult in person you can speak to if you are struggling with the event, it truly can help. I am sure everyone will continue to keep this town in their prayers/thoughts.

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