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    Default coalwood, wv. if you like space you must read.

    well since this is off topic. I just wanted to let the people who dont know about one special place in the united states, a place called coalwood west virginia. Coalwood is a friendly town and if any body knows anything about space or likes to learn about space and that includes rockets and shuttles well this is something you may like so keep reading. there is a guy that works for nasa his name is homer hickman he grew up in coalwood. well him and his friends saw spuntic (please forgive me if i spelled it wrong) it was the first satelite to ever orbit the earth, it was made by the germans. well homer and his friends way that satelite and was inspired so him and his friends started to make rockets (first won they use black powder so it went boom). well they got this won guy that helped them. and soon after they were called the rocket boys(this is also thanks to there teacher who also inspired homer to do this). they finnaly got the rockets to fly jsut right and won the national science fair. now homer hickman works for nasa and i dont know about the other guys. If you want to know more go to a store or go online or if you got netflix look up the movie october sky it tells you the story (more than i told you) about homer and his friends and how they became the rocket boy and it also tells you about the history of coalwood. its a really good movie to see so i would insist you see it. now thanks to homer there is a day of the year called rocket boys day (hey look you jsut learned something lol) its june 30 each year it has lots of things to do plus you will be able to meet homer hickman and get his autograph (OMG I WOULD LOVE TO GET HIS AUTOGRAPH) lol i love space and rockets so yeah. also at the end of the movie i would insist pausing the movie to read wat it says. this is supershadowwall cya.

    at least give me some comments lol.
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