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Title: Club Penguin

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    stephsmom98 Guest

    Default Club Penguin

    So, what is there to do on Club Penguin with a free membership? I went to town, but couldn't buy anything. Can you buy anything at all with the free membership? Can you get coins and spend it? How do you play games? I see lots of other penguins there, but no one answers back. Interesting. Just wondering if anyone else has a free account and what do you think about it? What do you do there? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Club Penguin

    I have a free account - although I spend more time earning money on my grandsons accounts. lol Anyway, you can't buy much on a free account. In both the gift shop and the shop in the Ski Village you can buy Play Card backgrounds. You can also buy new colors for you Penguin in the gift shop. In the pet shop you can buy a blue or red puffle. It's fun to feed them etc - cute graphics -- but you do have to take care of them or they will run away and taking care of them means spending money on food and baths.

    All the games have directions to read before starting -- I usually just jump in and see what happens!

    Games and things to do:
    In Town - Nightclub - upstairs are 2 games, both earn you coins- also from the nightclub go down the ladder (in the speaker), across the swimming pool, and you will find the mine ride - can't remember if it pays
    Coffee shop - Click on the Java bag to play Beans -- that's catching coffee bags and it pays -- upstairs check out the library -- there's a freebie hidden there - plus a 2 player game, Mancala
    At the Pizza parlor in the Plaza is the game Pizzatron behind the beaded curtain -- click the red handle on the machine before starting to make dessert pizza - it pays
    Catching Waves is a game at the Cove - I haven't tried that one
    At the beach, go into the lighthouse and find the current collectible pin - a rowboat -- also at the top of the lighthouse is the game Jet Pack - it pays
    At the snow fort you can throw snowballs (the snowball throw is at the bottom of your screen) at the target just for fun or try to get the hockey puck into the net
    At the Ski Village, in the Ski lodge is a 2 player game - Find Four - and my favorite game Ice Fishing (hang onto your last fish to catch the large fish at the end) -- it pays
    Up the ski hill you can ski down on one of 4 hills - can't remember if they pay
    In the shop in the ski village you can buy Play Card backgrounds --- then go through the curtain to the changing room and you will be in HQ for the secret agent missions -- the missions and rules for secret agents are in the folders in the corner -- click on any of the labeled monitors and it will move you to that area.
    Check out the Iceberg on the map (right side in the water, not labeled) and it will take you there and the preparations are underway for the Mitigator Project --- you can pick up a free construction hat for your penguin to wear. There are frequently freebies to pick up, so make sure to check out all the areas -- New Pins come out every 2 weeks.

    All this said, I am surprised that no one responded to your attempts at conversation. This is largely a conversation board with areas for meeting and talking. I'm sure you will find friends on the site soon.
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    stephsmom98 Guest

    Default Re: Club Penguin

    Thanks so much. I will try that. I did find some games and changed colors. I will try the pet. It is nice they give you things to do, but it seems very, very limited. Oh well. I don't have money for a subscription. All my money goes to Webkinz Thanks so much. I had one penguin answer me today, but it doesn't happen often.

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Club Penguin

    The only thing i know you can buy without a payin accout is the light blue and red puffle and colors for your penguin.

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