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    Default Closed. Still not open

    Clear's Shop. Amazing Deals like nowhere else!!!

    x0 Series 1 Boosters-80k
    x0 Shattered Past Boosters- 80k
    **SC Cards**
    x0 5$-300k
    x0 10$-600k
    x0 25$-900k
    **TCG VRs**
    x1 Ice Cream Sandwhich (turns you into a penguin) VR- 8k
    x1 Doggy Paper hat- 5k
    x2 Fire hydrant hat- 20k
    x1 Nettleseed Fongus (re-usable potion)- 15k
    x1 Briarwood Collector's card- 10k
    x1 Chatty Backpack- 100k

    **TCG Cards** *Each has a set price unless specified*

    Common- 5k each
    x1 Angry Yeti
    x1 Shadow talon swordsmaster
    x5 Tipping the hive
    x1 Bixie Stick
    x2 Helpful steam monkey
    x2 Mad Fungaloid
    x2 Shattered Mirror
    x2 Column of Fire

    Uncommon- 8k
    x2 forest troll scout
    x1 Wolf vine golem
    x1 General Grexan
    x1 Tanglewood Trainee
    x1 Chuck a Mug

    Rare- 12k
    x1 Blue Artifact Shard- 15k
    x1 You go first

    x1 Troll Spider Trainer-10k


    **Free Style Clothes**
    Pink- Girls only
    Blue- Boys only
    White- Both

    x1 Pink Balloon Ears- 10k
    x1 Purple Balloon Hat-10k
    x1 Pink Balloon Hat-10k
    x1 Blue Balloon Hat-10k
    x1 Yellow Balloon Hat-10k
    x1 Red Balloon Hat-10k
    x1 Purple Baseball cap- 15k
    x1 Heart Antenae-15k
    x1 Seaside Explorer's hat- 10k

    x1 Blackspore Swamp Bday Tee-15k
    x1 Purple Flannel- 50k
    x1 Pirate Shirt- 10k

    x1 Pirate Pegleg Pants-10k
    x1 Black Small Sitched pants- 10k
    **Keys** 900 coins each

    x2 Bank Safe Key
    x1 Bike Lock key
    x2 Bixie key
    x1 Bread Box key
    x2 Cabinet Key
    x6 Chugawug key
    x1 Colonel's key
    x1 Elf key
    x2 General's key
    x2 Heartstone's key
    x2 Jeweled key
    x1 Jewel Encrusted key
    x1 King's key
    x1 Lionheart key
    x1 Lock box key
    x2 Mansion key
    x2 Mayor's key
    x1 Master key
    x1 Minivan key
    x1 Pixie key
    x2 Robgoblin key
    x3 Saint's key
    x2 Shackles key
    x1 Toy chest key
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