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Title: Certainly Interesting

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    Default Certainly Interesting

    You know, I find it kind of cool to see that even almost a year after our beloved "Free Realms" was closed, there are still those who get bored come lurk around here. That just goes to show what an awesome community this place had, "back in it's prime" so to speak haha.

    It's really sad that in just a little under a month, Free Realms will have had its "one year sunset" anniversary. Of course, it always puts a little tear in my eye to remember what a great time I had playing this silly little game, with such wonderful people.

    Just felt the need at add some closure here I suppose. When I heard about the closing of the game, and of course I played until I couldn't any more, I just kind of let it settle, didn't really goodbye to anyone. Just left. So this is to all the people I interacted with and have such great memories from talking to! You rock!

    Also, just a side note, anyone here a fan of the Buffalo Wizards? I could use some fandom member friends haha.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day! ^-^

    some nerd who's too nostalgic for their own good

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    Default Re: Certainly Interesting

    Definitely agree, it’s cool that people still check in and post here occasionally. I can't believe its practically been a year since it shut down.

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