This is one of the funest most addicting flash games ive found. Its called My Brute! What you do is create your fighter and choose the name and the look of it. Then each day you can have 3 arena battles against other fighters of your level. You get experience points from each battle, win or lose.

Once your Brute levels up he/she will gain weapons or abilitys that they can use in battle. Your brute can get swords or spears, shields, and even pets that they can use in battle. Only thing i wish is that you could battle more then 3 times a day. They also have tournaments that you can put your brute in.

Once you have your brute set up you can link him to your friends to get pupils and as they level up you get experience. You can even have more then one brute. If you dont like the one you have just make another one. It is completely free and no need to sign up or give any information. So click here if you want to give it a shot.