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Title: Camera shyness

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    Icon5 Camera shyness

    Ever since I was little, I never wanted to be in family photos or in photos with my friends. I don't think I'm ugly, but I guess I'm camera shy. My friends have to sneak or take quick pictures of me when I'm not looking, it gets annoying. The only time I let myself be in pictures is when I have control of it. Recently I've overcome this, and I wanted to know if anyone else felt this way before? I still get upset when someone takes a picture of me out of the blue, like when I'm in my pajamas with my crazy hair from out of bed. I give people a death stare when I catch them sneaking up on me with a camera.
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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    Same with me, I've always hated being in photos.

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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    Same with me as well.
    im ugly

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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    This is me. I never want to take pictures with my friends at school, and they get mad at me, and then I regret it later. I hate my family taking pictures of me. I just don't like it. I'm always scared I'll look stupid. And I also have a really bad self esteem. I'm just ugly.

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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    When I find people trying to take pictures of me I either Make Creepy Faces that just look utterly Terrifying or I just run off into a corner muttering profound words while rethinking my life. Alternatively I end up with people giving me the 'I'm so judging you... So hard right now' ;A;

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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    I was camera shy about....6 years ago, when my school was on channel 5 news. (I only got 2 seconds in the very back... /cry) But, you get used to it.

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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    Embrace the camera! Now, if only they'd let us do random poses on picture day... I'm not conceded. I'm just an only child who talks to herself. Oh... uhm...
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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    I've always HATED the camera.

    If you know me, you will know that I am utterly terrified of any social interacting whatsoever, therefore this just adds more things to be concerned about.
    I went to a wedding a couple weeks ago and they were going to take family photos (since I was apart of the family) so I went to the bathroom and waited about an hour before leaving.

    And I don't even think I look too bad.
    I just can't stand the fact someone will be seeing this and could keep it for all eternity and might mark on it, maybe it's embarrassing maybe i didnt wash my hair or my face or put enough makeup on maybe my hair looks terrible maybe i have bags maybe someone will pretend to be me maybe someone will curse it maybe i am having an off day maybe someone looks better maybe i look too short maybe i look too tall maybe i look too pretty maybe i am not dressed like everyone else maybe they will judge me maybe i will just cry maybe i wore glasses maybe im sweating maybe i have sweat stains maybe i stink do i stink maybe maybe someone i like in the future will see this embarrassing photo of me maybe they will make fun of me maybe i just look stoopid

    just maybe.

    Lol, jk, but I do NOT like taking pictures to this day, even if I know no one will judge me.

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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    I am insecure about taking pictures of myself, but I do it anyway.

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    Default Re: Camera shyness

    I hate being in photos too. That's because I always look ugly in photos.
    For my school picture last year I had my hair tied back and I sat at a terrible angle where you couldn't see the ponytail so it looks like I have no hair. ._.

    I remember 3 years ago my school was featured on the news too (BBC for you Dr. Who fans) and they actually put in a clip of me that was like 7 seconds long explaining something to my headteacher, with the camera like focused directly on me. It was...horrible...
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