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Title: California!!!

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    Default California!!!

    heyo FRIends, i am on meh way to cali to see meh family, so... i wanna post bout it. for example. the airtran plane i am on is so cramped. its a full flight, and the seats are REEEAALLYYY close together. but i got wi-fi, so i'm good
    I quit...

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    Default Re: California!!!

    ... ... ... ... ouch?

    You won't find me on FreeRealms anymore. If you want to meet me in Mabinogi, my IGN is Svanett & I'm on server Alexina.

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    Default Re: California!!!

    Jesse, I've been on a plane for 24 hours many get back pain, headaches and you tend to get paranoid...but Good luck! Lol

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