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Title: Bird eggs

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    Default Bird eggs

    My mother found a birds egg. They're white with brown spots, looking very much like Sparrow eggs..I say They're, because when we went out again, we found another. We put them in a small bush we have outside, and my mother says theres nothing to do. I know they won't survive on their own...Isn't there anything we can do? We found feathers scattered around our yard, too, and other bird eggs that...That had been pecked at already and killed. It looks as if two birds got in a fight, as we found three eggs total that were killed by another bird. We gathered up a few feathers and put them on the bush, but even if the birds hatch and stay warm, they won't survive without their mother. Isn't there anything we can do to get her here? Would putting more feathers on the bush help draw her there? We imagine she's looking for her eggs, but my mother won't do anything else. I don't want to let those two birds die!

    We have tons of bird seed, too, if putting bird seed would help get her there...?
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    Default Re: Bird eggs

    You shouldn't of touched those eggs in the first place. You don't know if those feathers were from the parents or not and even if a bird is missing a few feathers it can survive. was the nest on the ground? more details could get better feedback.

    The birds probably won't go back to the nest now even if they are alive - And eggs won't stay warm on there own. you need to hit the books and find a zoo closest to you contact them. they could help
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    Default Re: Bird eggs

    tragic story...i agree, call a zoo or humain society or somethin.
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    Default Re: Bird eggs

    Yes, I would suugest calling a zoo. They have probably found eggs with no mother and hatched them before.

    If you have no contact with the zoo, you'll need to keep the eggs in a really warm place. But then again, they might not survive after they hatch.

    You can also open an account on Yahoo and ask on Yahoo Answers. I'm sure there are some zoo members who will see your question.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Bird eggs

    oh i would most definately call a vet or humane society or something they might be able to atleast care for the eggs until they hatch. i know we found a nest once while cutting down branches on a tree in our backyard. my dad didnt see it until the branch hit the ground.. luckily he used gloves to try & hide his scent and fixed the nest & attached it securely to another branch... the momma bird did some back & from my knowledge and the little birdies survived

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