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    Default Which is Better

    Wilds Farm or Briarwood Farm?

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    Default Re: Which is Better

    I am not sure what the price difference is, but if Brairwood isn't too expensive, then I would vote for it.

    It has a small farming questline (which I'm not sure if they added one for Wilds), the farming wheel rewards are probably way more popular (White stitch gloves, cheif midriff, felt berets ect.) and you can grow Brair-Apples in it (which you cannot do in the Wilds farm).

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    Default Re: Which is Better

    Wilds Farm is better IMO. The wheel has better stuff like kung fu shirts, blouse vests, felt berets!, small sweater blouses, etc.

    The only thing I like from the Briarwood farm is the white stitched fingerless gloves. The other clothes from the Briarwood farming wheels all have orange in them; orange knee high boots, orange kerchief mid, orange pants and hat. :/ All good if your a fan of orange!
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    Default Re: Which is Better

    I would say brairwood. Well.. that is if you dont take into consideration at the sc you have to spend to get it.
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