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    Default The Best Friend Thread What Makes your BFF so Special to you?

    Heyyy. Just figured I'd ask you guys who your BFF is,IG or not. I have quite a few,but I have two BFFL's (Best Friends Forever Life). Dani-irl and Lyric-ig. Dani is so silly,we play 'Spin til' you barf','Run Away from Jacob',and 'BOOO!!!!'. Lyric and I always play around,but what makes her special is her loving horses! Horses this,horses that,OMG HORSES! I love horses too,and I love how she'll go on and on about horses! It's so fun. And she'll tell me about her funny days,I'll tell her mine. It's funny. Now I'd like to know what makes your BFF/BFL/BFFL so special to you! And heres come Kimberly,about to say to me "Mind your on business". When I just want to know what makes your best friend so special. Now that I think about it... she doesn't really have a best friend... Well,I think I'm her friend. She's picky about them. You can say their name or if you don't feel confortable,you can just use their nickname or the first letter of their name.
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