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    Default Beauxbatons Diagon Alley! DracoMalfoyLuv's!

    Welcome To Diagon Alley! Now, Let's Get STARTED!

    First or all, let's start out with your wand. This is gonna take alot of typing *sigh*

    Creating Your Wand:
    All wands are 15 Galleons unless there is special additions.

    Step 1: Choose the wood for your wand.

    Regular Woods
    ASH - Healing, Charms

    ASPEN - Excellent for spoken spells

    CEDAR - protective properties, money charms

    CHERRY - love spells and charms

    HAZEL - one of the best all purpose magical woods

    HICKORY - good for potions requiring wand use

    HOLLY - a strong protective wood, spells Specify either light or dark holly

    HORNBEAM - good for luck spells

    MAHOGANY - Protective properties, defense against dark spells

    MAPLE - good basic wand wood, money charms

    OAK - adds potency to the powers of other woods, strong magical wood

    REDWOOD - good for success charms

    ROSEWOOD - charms, love charms

    ROWAN - the best all purpose wood

    WALNUT - strong mental powers

    WILLOW - strong defense against dark magic

    Exotic woods - An additional 5 Galleons.
    EBONY - One of the most powerful woods. Ebony is black with some slight grain.

    BLOODWOOD - A very powerful wood. Bloodwood is a red tropical wood.

    ZEBRAWOOD - A good charm wood. Zebrawood is tan with streaks of darker brown.

    PURPLEHEART - An excellent wood for spells. Purpleheart is a purple-brown wood.

    FIR - Good for spells used with or around animals or plants.

    YEW - Yew is the Wood of Death. Yew is a good defensive wood. It is a heavy grained dark wood.

    LACEWOOD- Lacewood is a perfect compliment to rosewood. It enhances charms. Lacewood is a light brown wood with a lace-like pattern.

    ENGLISH HOLLY - A very powerful protective wood, English Holly is almost white with little or no grain.

    PINK IVORY - A truly unique wood, pink ivory is excellent for spells. Pink ivory is a moderate grained pink wood.

    Step 2: choose your handle shape

    - - A - - - - B - - - - - C - - - - - D - - - E

    Step 3: choose the wood for your handle.
    See the woods above, no extra charge for exotic woods for the handle.

    Step 4: Choose your insert.
    Veela Hair
    Phoenix Feather
    Unicorn Hair
    Dragon Heartstring
    Dragon Scale
    Hippogriff Talon
    Chimaera Horn
    Chimaera Hair
    Chimaera Scale
    Ashwinder Ash
    Doxy Wing
    Hippocampus Scale
    Snidget Feather
    Pegasus Wing Feather

    Joberknoll Feather
    Leprechaun Hair
    Fairy Hair
    Silver Thistle

    Step 5: Choose your length.
    Your wand can be any length up to 18" long.

    Step 6: Choose the flexibility of your wand.
    Crystals (additional 4 Galleons) - A crystal will be added to the tip of the handle. You can choose any type of gem you want. For example, emerald, ruby, sapphire, garnet, diamond, etc.

    Engravings - You can get your name, house, or anything else engraved in the handle of you wand. It is 5g for up to 10 letters and then 1g for every 2 letters after 10 letters.

    Dyed Wood - Wood can be dyed using special natural dyes, and sealed using magic. This can turn any light colored wood into an array of brilliant colors. It's 3 G or hilt or shaft, or 5 G for the entire wand. Can be two colors. Just ask about the colors, and I'll tell you if it is avaible.

    1) A crystal can be added to the end of your wand. This addition is nice, and turns an ordinary wand extraordinary. It is thought, but still unproved, that crystals enhance the powers of a wand.
    Sapphire- 8 G, Diamond-10 G, Ruby- 5 G, Emerald- 6 G, Topaz-7 G,
    Turquoie- 7 G Aquamarine- 4 G Hope Diamond- 100 G

    2) This is a natural wood handle. Nothing much to say about it. (Handle style B, if you would like to know.)

    3) Wand engravings go on the shaft of the wand, right next to the handle. It can be whatever you want, or even tiny pictures.

    4) This part of the wand has been dyed a light blue (or any other color). Dying wood does not affect the magical properties of a wand. It neither enhances or impedes them. It's only good for asthetic value.

    Even if you already have a wand, feel free to make another order if you decide you want something else.

    Wand Storage

    Wand Storage Boxes - 6 Galleons
    Material Box is Made of - Wood or Iron or Plastic.
    Inner Lining Material - Velvet, Satin, Silk, or Cotton.
    Inner Lining Color - Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Black, Orange, Pink, Gold, Teal, Aquamarine, Lilac or any color you can imagine!

    Wand Bag-7 Galleons
    Bag is made out of-Velvet, Silk, Cotton, or Satin
    Bag Color-Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Black, Orange, Pink, Gold, Teal, Aquamarine, Lilac or any color you can imagine!

    Wand Scabbard - 3 Galleons
    Scabbard Material - Leather, Suede, or Velvet.
    Scabbard Color - Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Black, Orange, Pink, or any other color you request.

    Wand Care

    Wand Maintenance Kit - 6 Galleons


    Wand Soap - removes scratches in your wand - 2 Galleons
    Wand Oil- removes fingers to keep your wand clean and pretty-2 Galleons
    Wand Straitener-Is your wand bent a tad? Put it here to straighten- 3 Galleons

    You can also purchase the products separately.

    START YOUR POST WITH {Beauxbaton's Name} Order


    Step One

    Step Two

    Step Three

    Step Four

    Step Five

    Step Six

    Addition(s) if any

    Accesorie(s) if any



    Now for Robes! That wasn't too hard, was it.

    Regular School Robes-2 Galleons Each
    Dress Robes
    Silk Dress (any color)-5 Galleons
    Satin Dress(any color)-3 Galleons
    Cotton Dress(any color)-3 Galleons
    Heels(any color)-2 Galleons
    Flats(any color)-2 Galleons
    Earrings(any color)-4 Galleons
    Necklace(any color)-4 Galleons
    Bracelet(any color)-3 Galleons

    Tuxedo (completely, black or brown)-8 Galleons
    Black Dress Shoes- 3 Galleons
    Dress Robes (like HP, (any color) )-5 Galleons

    On Too BOOKS!

    Potions Level 1- 3 Galleons
    DADA Level 1- 3 Galleons
    Herbology Level 1- 3 Galleons
    Dark Arts Level 1- 3 Galleons
    Transfiguration Level 1- 3 Galleons
    Charms Level 1- 3 Galleons
    Beauxbatons, A History- 4 Galleons
    All About Adora Rourie- 5 Galleons
    Miss Creative Cossu - 5 Galleons
    Power Hungry Boden Sournious - 5 Galleons


    That's all! Now, all students shall start off with 200 Galleons.

    Shannon Black (Sournous) - 200 Galleons
    Selena Gomez - 200 Galleons
    Gracy Gau (Rourie) - 200 Galleons



    I will check the total, just in case. It is okay to get it wrong, just not okay to not do it. If you don't do it...

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