Hmm, haven't take a peek I here for awhile.. - well, Cows, It was AWESOME! I don't want to spoil anything..

Anyway, Have fun at school guys.

Personally, I've never really cared for the "Twilight" Series, A, I just thought.. "Uh. Vampires = I hate twilight because they made It so I know "Nothing" about them at all :x because everyone believes In those vampires only when there could be hundreds of different vampires If vampires -WERE- really, witch they really aren't. but people only thing that stabbing them with wood will kill them when there wrong cause there's other way too blah bla hbalhahahaha." Yeh, you get It. B, Shes apparently re-writing the entire series -- Waste of time! Get on with the series, chick! C, Spider wick chronicles was much better. got the first book free, finished the other four books In only a few days (Around three - five (was busy on a few days))