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    Default April Fool's Jokes

    What is your most favorite April Fool's Joke you have pulled on others and what is the best April Fool's Joke that someone has pulled on you?

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    Default Re: April Fool's Jokes

    I JUST pulled a joke on my buddie and she was FREAKIN out until I started laughing XD. I told her that the cops found out about us using an illegal song (which never happened of course) and she was like O____O WHA??? Lol. Got mine for the day...and early too.

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    Default Re: April Fool's Jokes

    I once worked for a Credit Union in the Collections Department. Came in early on April Fools just to set up everything for people. Put emergency stick on buttons on everyone's keyboard. The head of the IT Dept - put a false crack on his monitor - he said he thought he was dead there for a moment till he realized it was one that wipes off.

    The coworker with a huge plastic T-Rex on her desk - put lip stick on it's lips, a wig and flowery garden hat on it's head, wipe off finger nail polis on it's claws and put in it's hands a note that said "***y rexy seeks mate".

    Also brought false police tape - and our dept head used it to Tee *** a coworkers desk. Everyone had lot's of fun. The coworker with the plastic t-rex asked if she could keep the stuff on the t-rex - she really liked it that way. So of course I gave it to her - her T-Rex with a make over.
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    Default Re: April Fool's Jokes

    Ah, every day is April Fool's where I live... but I liked Monkies idea of touching people's hair and saying he put gum in there. Simple, yet effective. (Whereas pavana's is elaborate yet more effective.)
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    Default Re: April Fool's Jokes

    Haha! To funny! I got my Dad last year. He was bragging about how he had been so nice and hadn't gotten us...etc... so I told him he needed to go check out the sink because I thought it was leaking. He went in and checked it out. He was so serious about it and ... I got him! haha!
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    Default Re: April Fool's Jokes

    To random player
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