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Title: Anyone there?

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    MissKookey Guest

    Default Anyone there?

    Im playing webkinz:
    no ones on...
    playing kookeys:
    no friends on...
    in this chat thread:
    no ones on....
    no ones helping

    kids so wild they woke me up at 7:00am to take then to the park down the road:
    (we left at 8:55am) no one was there to play with them so they got bored after 30 minutes

    i made them lunch now there all at there friend's houses!!

    Husband out of town for Ohio State game!

    And my 12 month year old is napping!

    What a day....

    Anyone have wild kids like me?
    I am a mother of 4!

    My oldest kid (6th grader) named Lizzy was telling me she had a crush on the guy Matt!
    I laughed when i first met my husband in 6th grade we where watching a mvie in SS i wrote him a note asking him out and he said yes!
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