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    Icon3 Angry Birdz???

    Has anybody ever played Angry Birds yet??? I haven't and idk how you play. Like what do you have to do??? Plz tell me i am dying to know.....lolzzz
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    Default Re: Angry Birdz???

    You have to fling the birds from the slingshot so that they Kamikaze into the fortress of the pigs destroying the fortresses and the pigs... The object is to get back the baby birds that the pigs took... Some of the birds have combat like maneuvers when you tap on them after you shoot them from the slingshot.
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    Default Re: Angry Birdz???

    It is a terrific game. I have both versions, and its ridiculously addicting, not to mention the sound effects are hilarious. Basically what Grim said. The pigs ate the bird eggs, the birds are mad so theyre set to knock the pigs off wherever they are - which is your job.

    T arehere different materials blocking your way with different disabilities - ice, wood, etc.

    Idk the official names but there's reg birds, birds with speed boosts that are more powerful during that boost, birds that split into three, bomb birds, and so on.

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    Default Re: Angry Birdz???

    That game is just sooo awesome x]
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