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Title: The Tribes

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    Default The Tribes

    Before the Gloam and Gleam counclis before The Unbinding,There were The Tribes,The Greenwood tribe,were some of the best shots you ever saw their arrows almost always hit their mark and did I forget to mention they made the best bows in the land.The Snow Basin Tribe,The creators of steel weaponry and armor were the true military power discipline,strength and will were what they were based off of they also had the largest mine in the tribes.The North Woods Tribe,They were mostly ragtag fighters and chugawugs made up most of their tribe though they did discover sasparilla and thats what they mainly had going for them though just because they were ragtag does not mean in anyway that they could not defend themselves.The Hidden Glade Tribe,they were druids and used it to their advantage,how they got their name was that they used their nature powers to produce a fog cloud to conceal their Sanctum.The Thorn Tribe,Dark Druids thats basically what they were their protection were just living plants and their enviroment no air vehicles were available at that time and no one knew how to ride a flying animal then and the warpstones were a mystery so the only way in or out was through the Hedge Maze.The Gold Coast Tribe,the creators of ships and boats they were also one of the most peaceful tribes being the ones to isolate themselves from the conflict for control over the Grove.

    The Tribes had been fighting for control since the realms were made and each one had their own abiliies
    The Greenwood Tribe had their great shots and the most masterfully crafted bows back then.The Snow Basin had their discipline and true military like power they also had the best armor and weapons.The North Woods were simply stubborn and refused to give up.The Hidden Glade had their concealment from the war and their nature powers.The Thorn Tribe had their massive army of plants and the ability to summon thorns anywhere.The Gold Coast Tribe had sea vehicles and they stayed out of the conflict for the most part.

    The Greenwood Tribe had gotten tired of the conflict and they had an idea:start an alliance so they did they made the Great Tree and began building Sanctuary and called the leaders of the other tribes and held a meeting to end conflict between their tribes all but one tribe agreed,The Thorn Tribe had refused to end conflict and it was them against all of the other tribes they eventually just laid back and ended it anyway and so began the Gleam Council and with it the Gloam Council.

    -Garret Rubyspear famed storyteller of the Free Realms telling the story on how the Gleam and Gloam came to be.
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