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    Default The Story of STORM

    The Story OF STORM
    there once was a myth about young people
    controling storm, water, and air,
    but there is something you never knew before:

    I was once a regular teen, names kayla,
    till one day, i was at my moms house,
    we were going to the pool and it was my birthday,
    the sky was thunder and lightning, so i have to go to the
    in door pool, and once when i went there,
    the water came like lightning waves and i controled it,
    the power of lightning SPLASHED threw my veins!
    Everyone was screaming and the sky was pitch black!
    Then at a blink of a eye...the god of sea, and the god of skys, came and called me:
    the goddess of, Storm,
    "What?" i said
    "Goddess of STORM!?!"
    "It was a LONG time ago, before we were even born." said the god of sea
    "The world was ruled by acors of dragons and titans!" said the god of sky
    "The world yelped for help, as the volcanos erupted, the sky was black with crashing waves in the sea" said the sea god
    "YOU kayla, IS the one we are looking for, the one to destroy the titans and dragons, from a far planet called Zardon! There you well meet the one called 'Kimo' and tell him why you have came and how you can defeat the titans and dragons!"
    "If they don't get killed, we might as well banish with the rest of the world"
    I nodded my head nervously wishing i never had the power of storm, there is lightning at the tip of my hand, dashing with power and surge, something i read in the books, is that the goddess of storm, has more power then the gods of sky, sea, and death, she has the power to control the powers of the gods, for as long as she wants, to deafeat a certain enemy, i am not ready for that kind of power and so i shall be on with this quest, and find my trainer
    To Be Contuined....

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? i made it by my self!
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    Forget your past. Right now, You're in the future. You may feel pain, or hurt, or suffering, but you should never go down. Unless you allow yourself to. ~K.K.

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    Default Re: The Story of STORM

    That is such a lie!

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    Default Re: The Story of STORM

    first, try not to bump age old threads (it makes the other people angry)
    second. well duh its fake its a story!
    third, kaya good story!

    Kiperrrful (AKA Kiperrr, Kippy, Kipster, Kip)
    IGN: Kiperrrful Server 4

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    Default Re: The Story of STORM

    Hey this is a story right? Then shouldnt it be in the creative writing section? I'm just wondering nothing to disturb...Sorry if i did...

    Forever Free To Be ME

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