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    Default Stonehat Story: Part 1.

    Stonehat Family is a legendary story of 4 people, 2 girls and 2 boys, see the legendary story...

    Long days a new girl named Jamie Stonehat has been born, and other ones too.
    Then Ronnie, Sheryl and Tommy Stonehat were brothers of Jamie Stonehat until...
    ...dark ninjas attacked the family of Stonehats, the family were separated.
    In a very very big party after the fight of dark ninjas, the Stonehats were united again...
    ...a big big light pointed to them and turned them "INSEPARABLES".
    The rest of the days they were united, never separated, with a true good life in front of them...
    ...they looked back to the shadow, and they decided the good life in front of them.
    They still live a great life, and they're never going to separate...

    Stonehat Family Members:
    Jamie Stonehat
    Ronnie Stonehat
    Sheryl Stonehat
    Tommy Stonehat

    If a day you see them in the Sanctuary or everywhere, say "Hi!" to them, they will give it back!
    The story still continues...
    ...with a legendary end...

    This story is based of the real life

    You can comment and ask questions about the family!

    I will try to answer all the question possibles. I may take some minutes to answer.
    You can ask about the family, the last name, the family members and all.

    Remeber, this story IS BASED OF THE REAL LIFE.

    You can comment and ask questions about the family!

    I don't accept violations on my thread. So please this is just a story, not a violation chat thread.
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