Sacred Grove
The (almost) complete
book of
Part 1: Sunstone Valley.

Since Sunstone Valley is going to be the newest place/playground i thought i'd begin with it. First of all, there's a mysterious Sunstone Valley Lot, but where is it? Could it be a new TCG Reward? It's not in the Marketplace, so that may be possible. One of my friends has one of those lots, and i noticed some mysterious creatures. Two of them seemed to made of stone and gemstones. There was also a Cactus King. Cactus King is a rather large cactus with eyes that seem to glow yellow. Could it be a mystery of SSV? When it comes out, i'll be searching for these...

At least one Oasis.
Cactus King or Kings.
A Horse Head Shaped Waterfall.
and much more.