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    Default The Sacred Grove

    Intro: The sacred grove, A place for animals to frolic, and rogoblins to steal junk. But to be exact, Is it a world?

    Thoughts : If it's a planet, why does it only have one ocean? If it's a planet, why Is there an end of the realm? (A.K.A. Silver hills edge, or Lavendar coast's edge) Well, If it has one ocean, (EDIT: there is lavendar coast coming [which is taking forever]) Then most of the Planet would be land. Does that even make sense? Yes I bet it does. But doesn't A lot of Planet Life sometimes NEED oceans? Now, you might be reading this sentence right now and say, "Boy this is a horrible Thought." Well It isn't. If you think about it for a long time, It is EXTREMLY interesting. Well, the Realms needs the ocean because Jaque's Ocean Treasures Cafe' FEEDS the people and pixies who live in Seaside. How does he keep getting octopuses and whale blubberover and over again if there is no more in the ocean? Now to the point of the End of the Realm. Some of you may have been to Silver Hills, Lavendar Coast, or even Sunstone Valley. If you travel far enough, you will come to an edge. What is that exactly? When you look down, you see emptyness. The fact is, Sacred Grove is a fraud. (That's only my opinion)

    Please leave your opinions and thoughts.
    Correct me if I have any Grammer or spelling issues.
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    Default Re: The Sacred Grove

    O_o I would say a fraud...but have you noticed that it has taken the creators a VERY long time to update the surrounding land...I dont think it is a planet, but possibly PART of a a continent. But the horizon is ALL wrong.

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    Default Re: The Sacred Grove

    I think it's part of a planet too.

    "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."


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    Default Re: The Sacred Grove

    Hmm... Interesting thoughts.
    I believe that if Sacred Grove is a planet, then the ocean would eventually reach all around and flood Blackspore. Perhaps it does? Or maybe it is like the early people in our world speculated: that the world is flat. Sure, the residents of Seaside get their daily fish. But how long will it last? What if there is water pouring over the edges this instant? So many questions. And if it is part of a planet, I wonder what is on the other side of the ocean? Another land? Or more ocean? Perhaps it is "Coming Soon" as is Lavender Coast, Sunstone Valley, ect. Very good speculations, kudos to you!

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