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    Default Royal Quest Line Questions!

    Hello FRI. Have you heard of the royal quest's? Well if you have here's some stuff to consider:
    1. It says CHAPTER ONE
    2. When you enter either palace it says " Goal(s) Find Captain Fletcher"
    3. There are Druids in the palace with names above their heads but they don't give any quests
    4. The Sanctuary queen says Geoffrey's master must be very powerful
    5. Lastly Geoffrey when defeated also talks about his master.
    So my royal questions are these "is there chapter two, Who's Captain Fetcher and last and certainly not least does Geoffrey really have a master after Darkthorne (AKA Lavender) and Valerian????
    Thanks for reading "ROYAL QUESTIONS"

    Hey want to see if we can find out more about a chapter two royal quest line? then maybe free realms history might help.To find history of free realms look for Talespinner Yvelle. In Merryvale if you go to the warp stone the human camp is on your left to your right there's a hill go to the top of the hill to find TSY.You could also go to memorial caverns and lots of the rooms with mosaics (glass pictures) have people talk or look for tour guides or people talking but don't have names above themselves. If you find any evidence of a chapter two royal quest line or the chapter one it might help us find the ever so lost chapter two. Post it here or if you can't find any of stuff relating tell us some facts of Free Realms history Don't worry I've done quite a bit of research already! Here's a link to my research I have here in the forums!
    Well that's all for now by!

    ~ Tommy0327
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    Default Re: Royal Quest line/ Questions

    This is very interesting, I never really thought about this before (:


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