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    Default The Partially True Story Of The Dead Farmer Chug ....and more.....

    Before i begin this is part true part not true. the beginning is mostly true where as after the buriel chase things get more and more wild .btw the chase has some made up stuff to.

    Part One
    Innocent To Guilty
    Author Adventurer Silverfire
    Main Characters Me And Light....last name with held
    Date 12/23/11

    One bright sunny day i was exploring sacred grove.i felt like seeing my friend light. so i ported to him.....little did i know that this port would do much more than keep me out of boredom. i arrived at a farm not sure whos. li walked up to him and said hey light. hey silver. we role played a bit about having an enforcer and big foot come to the far,. but then.....Hey silver.....hey light...... it was some farmer. on the farm. how did he know our names. i looked at light. light looked at me. we ran toward the farming screaming we stabbed him and hit him with farming tools. till he fell dead. no one has to know i told light. i grabbed a sack and shoved the dead wugachug inside. we both ported to bone bog cementary. we walked over near some graves. i dug a hole and shoved a rock behind it. and hastly drew some words on it with marker.then i dumped the dead farmer out of the sack into the hole. we hastly buried it. light started panicking. i turn to light and slapped him. PULL IT TOGETHER!!! no one has to know......we were about to walk off when..........Hold it right there! we turned around. standing to yards behind our backs was an enforcer. i couldnt tell because it was dark but i was pretty sure about four other enforcers were with was dark so the couldnt see who we were. but that didnt mean they never would. we looked at each other. and ran over and hopped in some jeep that was probally the enforcers.the enforcers hopped on motercycles and gave chase. it was a great and terrifying chase in the dead of night. im not completely sure how but i think some wraiths ambushed the enforcers after about an hour. we raced in the jeep and into the drive way of our shared snowhill lodge hopped out and into the house. we were safe......for

    Later i will add part two

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    Default Re: The Partially True Story Of The Dead Farmer Chug ....and more.....

    the true story: autor light and adventurere silverfire last name of light is held back date: 12/23/11 at 9:00 pm at night. as he slapped me i told him i was playing with him then after we ran away from the enforcers i went and grabbed some weapons and after that i showed him the banning wizard he was scared so he went inside his house and blocked him self in but then i talked him to happyness so after that day i went to someone to talk with named john black well i can not tell his last fully name but he is an assassin to so he helped me with my new weapon upgrades and then i took some new armory and started a fight but as for now i think im gonna join the thiefs as cover story from the truly great red assassin that will never be revealed.

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