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Title: Merry Vale

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    Icon12 Merry Vale

    Okay, something weird...
    To make this make a little sense, remember that the Ever Rainbow, and the Captured Tourists MAY be related, and that in a different quest, the people you give cotton candy to say stuff like, "Oh thanks! Mmm, this is good! What was I thinking about again?" And this adds to the mystery of Merry Vale:
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    Default Re: Merry Vale

    there is already a thread of this
    OMG OMG i'm back

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    no wonder!they sacrifise people in the rainbow to keep the gods happy XD

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    Actually, i learned this from a freerealms comic, that merry vale draws people in and eventually when they are so attracted to the freindlyness and brightness of the place, then they get sacrificed against their will to put their spirit into merry vale so it stays bright and pretty and friendly. so, what appears to be a happy place is actually evil if there is no one to sacrifice.

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    o_o *throws out cotton candy* yeah there's already a closed thread about this but... this is just creepy!!!!!! I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!

    Spoiler: show

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