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Title: Free Realms' Time-line

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    Default Free Realms' Time-line

    Locked - Happy birthday FR :-)!


    This happens to be a time line for Free Realms’ one year anniversary and to honor its life throughout this time. I would like to say, it has been an exceptionally great year this year, verging onto epic (Or maybe it is already there for you). With so many wonderful people who have come and gone here and made this site and the game what it is today, I thank you. Personally, I want to thank the Kade, Claire, and the Staff members here who have also come and gone with their awesome colors as well. You guys maintain and create such a wonderful community here for many members of the game to chat about their favorite things and also help those who are in need of some information.
    On another note, I would like to thank the SOE staff who worked or are working on Free Realms (there’s a lot of people o_o, I think a reading of the credits would be in order). And thank them for taking the time out of their life to work on something for others to crawl all over and love. I’m sure many of us really appreciate what you guys do there in the massive brain that is SOE.
    So, what is this you ask? Well, if you couldn’t tell from the title or what I said before, this is the time-line of Free Realms life from the day it went live (and a little before). Including little articles and things from here and there of what happened to Free Realms during this time. I tried my best to include what I could find and also what seemed reasonable to add to this. I took some time (and procrastination ._.) into this, and any feedback is also welcome.
    All in all, I would enjoy if you guys took the time out to post here, but look at what you post. It should have passion and dignity combined in it, something more then just a simple “HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREE REALMS!” And add something with a little more meaning. Include you favorite memory or something you wish to share with the forum!
    Please let me know if you feel I am missing something, or that there is a error in the writing (There could be a few.... I started out in a notepad document 3 months ago, and then procrastinated a little heh) - PM is much appreciated :-)
    One last note: This thread will be locked on the end of the Birthday of Free Realms (April 29th, 2009) to preserve the life that this thread might carry.
    ~ Navigation ~
    April 2009 - May 2009 - June 2009
    July 2009 - August 2009 - September 2009
    October 2009 - November 2009 - December 2009
    January 2010 - February 2010 - March 2010 - April 2010

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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    April, 2009

    The launch of the game was during this month, but it was very late in the month. Not much was seen or done for the game during this time because it was so short.

    # NDA = Lifted!
    # The unveiling of Free Realms

    NDA = Lifted:
    The 22nd of April was when the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) was lifted from Free Realms and its Beta Testers. This means that Beta Testers were now able to share their experiences of playing the Free Realms beta!

    The unveiling of Free Realms:

    Free Realms went live to the public, on April 28th, at 11:31pm (Pacific Time). It was now showing off one of the most anticipated MMOs from SOE with a Kid Friendly twist. Somehow, from there, Free Realms managed to erupt into its Ten Million or so registered accounts there are today!

    Quote Originally Posted by EatMonkies
    I found Free Realms through a podcast called "shut up, we're talking" in which they were talking about beta... I was rather intrigued into what it was about, but too lazy to look it up. Another podcast goes by, and apparently the beta is gone and Free Realms is gold. Just leaving WoW due to some rather odd complications, I needed something to fill the space - and what the podcast said was really compelling, so I quickly signed up and started playing...

    May, 2009

    This is the first month after Free Realms’ birth. This month featured a few more things to get a kick start into Free Realms and out there into the world. This was probably also the month that we had a lot of people join Free Realms.

    # Physical Free Realms TCG
    # Television Ad spots
    # One Million!
    # Member's only vault!
    # Bristlewood Warpstone added
    # Two Million!

    Physical Free Realms TCG:
    A virtual reward in every booster pack, more then 180 cards released, and a fun experience for everyone who loved collecting trading cards in real life. Free Realms released their Physical TCG sets nationwide in your local stores!
    Television Ad spots:
    During the month of May, Free Realms pushed out a few ads on the television that immediately sprung up much interest to many people. Some of the Ads included in the releases were the "it's your world" (Aired around the 7th of May) and "ninja prank" (Aired after the 24th of May).

    Quote Originally Posted by Eladwodahs Alim
    I remember seeing a Free Realms commercial on May 12th and signing up that day. On May 24th I became a member due to ****ord in Blackspore turning into a members only quest. I've greatly enjoyed every moment since and still do. My only regret is not Googling defense mini games sooner and having Daddio's videos pop up ( I love the staff!!). I became a member of FRI about a month later and it has made my Free Realms experience that much sweeter. I am in for the long haul and look forward to what the future has in store for both FR and FRI. Happy Birthday Free Realms!

    One Million:
    Around 17 days after Free Realms initial out-of-beta launch, Free Realms hit 1,000,000 registered players in Free Realms. Everyone who joined the game before the 1,000,000th player did, received a membership to the "1,000,000 club", a 1M Tee-shirt for their in-game character and another for their little 4-legged companion, and 200SC to spend on whatever their heart's desired. The 1,000,000th player though, (along with what the other players got) received a lifetime membership to the game, 10,000SC to go on a manic shopping spree with, and a one-of-the-kind astronaut suit.

    Member's only vault:
    Remember the vaults? Well, the sister of the Non-Member vault: the “Member’s only vault” was released on May 18th, 2009. The member's vault was a nice addition to the game for the member's looking for cooler member's only things to wear on their character and to get some other rare clothing types.
    Bristlewood Warpstone added:
    The Bristlewood warpstone was added on May 21st in central Briarwood, along with arrows beside your avatar image to quickly change jobs without a menu.

    Two Million players:
    Somehow, Free Realms managed to Katamari Ball up another million registered players in less time it took to get the first Million. 30 Days after the launch of Free Realms just before the end of May, players were told we had reached the glorious milestone and soon after, goodies arrived including: cotton candy, surf 'n turn, and star and coin boosters! Free Realms Insider celebrated by having a parade from Sanctuary to Snowhill!

    June, 2009

    June came along, and we were all invited to a Dare's spring concert to rock the realms! Not only that, but Free Realms gained 3 Million registered accounts, Fan Faire was hosted and the <insiders> in-game guild was born.

    # Dare's ROCK CONCERT!
    # Update!
    # The third Million!
    # Guilds and a new Chapter
    # Birth of the <insiders>
    # Fan Faire!
    # Tarence Yee Interview

    Dare's ROCK CONCERT:
    During June 2nd, a huge crowd waited before the Stage in Snowhill for The Dares (Free Realms' theme song makers for the song: "it's your world") to “play” their incredible performance of the theme song for Free Realms at E3 and in game! People gathered around the stage hours before the performance even started, and as soon as it did, it was a hit. The Guinness world records even gave The Dares' their own record for "the first concert to take place simultaneously in the real world and a virtual space during E3 in Los Angeles."

    Free Realms launched another update, shoving new chat channels at us and a better view of our collection menus. There was also the new Member only Tower Defense quests released.

    The Third Million:
    During July 11th, there was a tweet from twitter posted by Alan "Brenlo" Crosby saying Free Realms reached the Three Million register members mark, 45 Days after the official launch of Free Realms! The party pack for this million included mainly pet objects such as: a Deep Blue Stars Bowl, Kitty Argyle Gold Sweater, three Celebration Conditioners, and more!
    Guilds and a new chapter:
    On July 22nd, everyone was surprisingly pushed off of Free Realms’ servers. When we got back on, we discovered we were able to create guilds and we happily struck up the names and continued on a new plain of friendship with guild mates. We also learned that the first quest-line for Free Realms’ lore was released, taking us through the skin of the story behind princess Lavender.
    Birth of <insiders>:
    On June 26th, the Free Realms Insider in game guild was opened to the public of the forums, many people instantly cambered to join after they met the requirements.
    Fan Faire:
    SOE's Fan Faire started on June 26th, and ended June 28, leading us to find announcements about upcoming patches to the Free Realms game! Things Announced: The concept of a new area in the Free Realms game, "home to the dwarves". It was like a giant desert sandbox with it's own unique mini-games and quests. DoD (Dueler on demand) was also announced, coming to the idea of having your character on a TCG card and being able to share up to 10 with you and your friends. Also, they announced a new soccer job, along with the Kart Racer and Demo Driver to be released with full leveling capabilities up to level 20. Attendees of the Fan Faire received a in-game shirt, and a free month of membership.
    Tarence Yee Interview:
    Zam had a conversation with Tarence Yee, a World Lead Designer (A knowledgeable lore developer) about the lore during Fan Faire. You can find the article here at:
    It told the true meaning behind Briarwood and fairy princess Lavender, why she was exiled, how her story was twisted. Also it contained a little more about the heartseed and some interesting things.If you're a lore-addict like me, you'll probably crave what this guy has to say!

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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    July 2009

    July was when a majority of the American players in Free Realms, finally had school off, and the game really picked up. This was also the month of the birth of the Free Realms comic!

    # 4our Million!
    # Summer Splash!
    # Free Realms Comic Issue: #1
    # Speedway Thunder!
    # SOE Block Party
    # Laralyn McWilliams Interview

    4our Million:
    Free Realms hit another Million Milestone on July 1st, 2009 and we were all rewarded with a little treat of "double the treasure tickets". Farming like crazy, players tried to grab as many as they could for a nice tidy reward from the Royal Vault.
    Summer Splash:
    July 2nd, Free Realms released their first true "event" taking place in Sea Side! We watched as fireworks lit up the sky and sparklers streamed throughout the sacred grove, players had a chance to use "Seaside Stickers" to redeem one of a kind fireworks by helping out as well! The event was to last to July 15th and there were many hula dancers and Duck floaters abound!
    Free Realms Comic Issue #1:
    Free Realms, Wildstorm, and J.S. Lewis, teamed up and made a wondrous 12 series comic for the Fans of Free Realms to enjoy! Each comic will come out with their own unique code, and a ominous reward for collecting all 12!
    Speedway Thunder:
    Ah, free realms, where you can smell the rubber burning of tires, "vrrrooommm" of the engine as it races to get first, and the large crash you hear when two demo karts collide, well, all now thanks to Speedway Thunder, Free Realms' newest patch to the game, activating the Kart Driver and Demo Derby jobs to full leveling capabilities of level 20.
    SOE Block Party:
    SOE hosted their 4th annual block party on July 25th at their official SOE headquarters featuring music, food, previews, give-aways, and raffles. There was a point that if you tweeted “I LOVE FREE REALMS” to a SOE account on twitter, you would receive a DM with a code for some free Station Cash!

    Laralyn McWilliams Interview:
    Zam was able to have another interview pulled off late into the month, with none other then Laralyn McWilliams! (Free Realms' creative director). She explained things such as what the future might look like for Free Realms, how chat will be universal, and what we might see for the Chapters ahead of us. You can find more at Zam's article:

    August 2009

    August came round, and the time for summer was as well. School would be coming around the corner as well for many player of the realms yet many people prevailed.

    # Free Agents
    # Free Realms International
    # Food for all!
    # The Daily Spinner
    # Legends of the Realms

    Free Agents:
    On August 14th, The Free Agents opt-in was released, and people could sign up for it and begin to get points towards winning things for promoting Free Realms. You would get a 10$ certificate to a major retailer for just joining and possibly win some more rewards if you ranked the highest in promoting the game. Alas you needed to create a whole new account separate from the one you already had to join, apparently.
    Free Realms International:
    Free Realms went international for the French, Spanish, German, and UK English on August 14th. Along with that Free Realms released their Duler on Demand feature that was announced during Fan Farie.
    Food for all:
    During August 18th, a promotional event happened based on the movie "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs". The even took place around three locations in Shrouded glade, where clouds would rain magic falling foods on top of unsuspecting players below. The event was "American Only" so anyone out of the borders of America were distraught by finding they could not help out and get exclusive items.
    The Daily Spinner:
    On the 28th of August, Free Realms released a new way of receiving items! It was called the "Daily Spinner" and it quickly became a hit among the members of the Free Realms community. People were able to win things such as Virtual booster packs, dress shoes, ice cream cones, pets, dress shoes, and more dress shoes!
    Legends of the Realms:
    From the 28th to the 30th of August, the “Legends of the Realms” contest was hosted! The awesome masterminds: White fang, Siobhan, Shonali, and Kaden Skycliff coordinated the program based on six teams fighting to get the most tasks set out by the masterminds. Over 200 tasks were given (with varying difficulty) and tons of prizes were given out (Such as over 200,000 in pure gold coins). Bravo to the masterminds behind it all, because they really know what they are doing!

    September, 2009

    With the return of school for many Free Realmsers, Free Realms still went on. It even grew into half a million registered players too!

    # FRI - Labor Day Bash!
    # Free Realms at Dragon Con
    # A Shattered Past + the September 10th Patch
    # A daily Bonus - 5 Million!
    # FRI – First storyline event

    FRI – Labor Day Bash
    On September 6th, the staff at Free Realms Insider hosted a party at Farnum Farm. There were many festivities including a scavenger hunt, and a sheep watch challenge. Prizes given included a Spiderbite sword, 5$ SC card, and a TCG booster pack!
    Free Realms at Dragon Con
    There was a panel at Dragon*Con during September where Pex announced things about the new Soccer and Fishing jobs. Certain interesting things to bring up now would be that he said Fish would be able to be used in food recipes, a revamped inventory, housing coming after fishing, and also locked inventory items. Pex also gave FRI a shout out.
    A Shattered Past + the September 10th patch:
    Free realms' first expansion to the TCG sets was released on September 10th, introducing new cards and virtual rewards for everyone to enjoy. Along with that, the Dares would be holding a concert every night at 5PM PST and the ‘Take me there’ option was implemented into the game.

    A daily Bonus - 5 Million:
    Sometime around September 16th, Free Realms released a new daily spin wheel announcing their 5,000,000th registered members! Players received a Party Crate, a Silly String Can, three Party Poppers and a Grab Bag if they were registered before the 5,000,000th player. This is also the last time another Million registered players were announced.
    FRI – First Storyline Event:
    On September 18th, it was discovered that the ambassador Pex had been kidnapped. Following thereafter on the 23rd it was claimed Shingo had fallen under the enemy’s grasp as well. Quickly, strange activity formed inside the guild and forums at Free Realms Insider and the prominent figures “Kade Wolfspotter” and “Daddio” had took up arms and began to show hatred towards the pixies. “Izzi Stormheart” could not stand for what was going on behind the scenes nor the pixie hating, and she took it upon herself to figure out what was going on and to stop the madness. Quickly, the tables turned as rumors of the very own FRI staff kidnapping the ambassadors broke out. Trough the help of the main operatives of “Team Izzi” (Lexi Coralbeach and Izzi Stormheart) it was discovered a angry IT man was feeding cotton candy to team “Kraft Dinner” (Kade, Daddio and others) to control their minds and kidnap the ambassadors. On the 25th, the people for Free Realms managed to save the Ambassadors!
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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    October, 2009

    The time for tricking and treating, Free Realms changed their settings to feel more Halloween-like, and I'm sure most of us nommed on lots of Candy.

    # GOAL TIME!
    # A Spooktacular event!
    # FRI – Kade’s KO storyline party
    # First Member’s Only Party Pack

    Along with the skies clearing on October 2nd and the villagers being safe from another meatball's revenge, a new job called "Soccer star" came along. There was also another update to Sanctuary, showing off its main halloweenic side. Not only was that added, but “Style cards” and Slugmud was implemented into the game.

    A Spooktacular event:
    Halloween Harry came to us for a visit on October 8th! With him he brought trick or treating into the city of Sanctuary but he also brought some unique items. Quickly, on the 16th, the event grew with a new wheel to spin and Trophies (Removed shortly after) and the Pumpkin Prince began to attack.

    Kade’s KO storyline event:
    Just before the Free Realms Insider party, Kade was KOed by someone… and it wasn’t known who dun it. So the FRI forum made profiles for suspects and the person who did it was caught (Izzi stormheart – It was all a accident though) And the party was able to continue with great success. Sadly, this is the last storyline event Free Realms Insider did.
    First Member’s Only Party Pack:
    On October 22nd, 2009, Free Realms handed out a pack full of free items to those who had signed up for Membership recently, this was the first time they did that and then it became a habit of them doing it every month. Items given included: Pumpkin paper bag masks, Troll face paint card, Starry moons face paint card, and a Chadty Outfit.

    November, 2009

    November rolled out with a big new update for the realms in terms of how the jobs would work.

    # A change to Free Realms
    # Live Gamer
    # TCG in-game Tournaments

    A change to Free Realms:
    Being the new game it is, Free Realms suddenly sought a new change with the jobs mechanic in game. Such advancements are bound to occur and it seemed necessary for the most part. What changed was: Any new character made after around the time of November 1st 2009, would only be able to level up to level 5 in any job, still being able to change to it and whatnot but not being able to continue leveling/doing minigames and the sort until they purchase a membership. It did indeed cause lots of moaning in the community after its implementation.

    Live Gamer:
    On November 19th, a small addition to Free Realms was made, called “Live Gamer” it made it possible for people of Free Realms to trade off their characters and items legally and without worry of breaking rules with “black market trading” (involving: Phishing scams, Identity theft, undelivered goods) you of course, had to be 18 years of age to access it.

    TCG in-game Tournaments:
    Also on November 19th, the TCG in game card tournaments were released to the public and gave out unique prizes for winning them such as for placing in the top 16, you would win a “Card Champion’s rod”, and for gaining first place you would hit up a rare “card champion’s case”. Other prizes such as TCG VRs or just plain cards for TCG and gold were also being rewarded.

    December, 2009

    With the end of the year fast approaching, Free Realms made some major changes to the game. On involving combat, and another involving a holiday event.

    # Snow Days

    Free cash was thrown in front of the SOE mob followers of their games (EQ I, EQ II, and Free Realms) between December 10th and February 10th, being that if you followed the magical carrot stick to their Facebook pages (Twitter removed) the would eventually hand it out to everyone.
    Snow Days:
    Sometime during the 14th of December the beginnings of a new event was released upon Free Realms. It brought the coldest days of Snow Hill to our bodies and released the magic of the gift giving tree that happily never threw socks at your face or ate you! But, in the mean time, the robgoblins brewed up something horrible! A giant unhappy snowman set to nomnom on all of our presents! Luckily, the hero's of Free Realms managed to vanquish most of the threat during the holiday and continued the giving tree's bout of gifts. Also the new Fisherman job was added with 6 new fishing spots to go fish unique fish in! Also, combat jobs and the combat itself was overhauled with changes to the weapons and how instances worked. Instead of gaining new abilities every 5 levels, it was replaced with stat boosts or little bonuses like 50% increase to damage from critical or a chance to zap enemies when hit. Another last note would be that Elite exploration tokens appeared. On another note, chat restrictions were changed, and everyone gain “Free Chat”.
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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    I can't wait until you finish this!
    Jordan Trademarked
    The Official Canadian Insider.

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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    January, 2010

    The New Year rang in with more Snow Days events and a great New Years party from the FRI staff. There were also changes to the tickets from the mini-games, etc. This was also the start of FRI-days!

    # Coins and Royal Decrees
    # Thawed days
    # It’s FRI-day!

    Coins and Royal Decrees:
    On January 14th, 2010 Free Realms had edited their economy to increase the amount of coins you had earned through instances but decreased the buy/sell price of the items in the coin shop. Not only that, but by some sort of Royal Decree, a lock was put onto the Non-Member ticket vault and also the member-only one, the tickets were also removed later on the 25th.
    Thawed Days:
    On the 26th, SOE had released the patch notes and changes for Free Realms, where they disabled the rather nice (for some) zoom feature on the Atlas. Snow days ended, and left the game, and the option to use F10 became one in the game settings.
    It’s FRI-day:
    It is indeed a play on words that started on the 22nd of January and going on every Friday there on. The contest involved a giant thread where a collaboration of people mingled and spent time trying to get one of the 10+ posters handed out! It was a hit among the community, along with being really fun, and we saw quite a few new/lurker people join along with us. Another was then again hosted later in April.

    February, 2010

    Love blossomed through the air, be it friendship or other, and also love came in for us from Free Realms because of their new Festival of the Hearts event they put up in Merry Vale. Another bit of love that came in was mounts!

    # Connect-Done!
    # Festival of the Hearts Update
    # Rides!

    On February 10th, the SOE hosted Connect-Ding event ended, with Free Realms only reaching the bronze level of the event (250 SC) somewhere about 3000 people away from getting a house frog though.
    Festival of the Hearts Update:
    On the 12th of February, Free Realms started hosting “Festival of the Hearts” in Merry Vale. A special Daily Wheel came out, and also a new world enemy named “stone heart”. Members got to figure out the mystery as to what Festival of the hearts was all about and why the evil Stone Heart was terrorizing everyone. Along with FotH, a “Power Hour”, the “Coin Wheel”, and new construction areas showed up. The construction areas were not explained at all at the time.
    Those special construction areas that came during the FotH patch finally finished! It turns out: they were stables! There were then new mounts in game for members to ride on and run around in a new and cool way. Capacity of the houses items limit was also increased.

    March, 2010

    # Festival of the End
    # Something’s dotty!
    # FRI Gets a TCG event In-Game!
    # Swab ye decks of dem thar spider webs!

    Festival of the End:
    Festival of the Hearts left us on March 5th, and some new pets and Mounts were added to the game.

    Something’s dotty:
    On match 12th a quick update to the game brought us some new and old features. Things such as the Daily Bundle came back and also appeared in a new location for more ease to find it, and a “buy back” button was added to the Coin Shop to help you solve those accidental sells that you didn’t mean to do. Polka-dot boxes were also added to the game for further housing fun.

    FRI Gets a TCG event In-Game:
    The community team of Free Realms partnered up with Free Realms Insider to help FRI host their first TCG tourney in-game! The tourney was hosted on the 19th of March for that day’s FRI-day event. The day of the event featured the prizes of: Card duelist shirts (Players ranking from 1-16th), Vittorio (Players ranking from 1-12th), “Thar she blows!” (Winning at least three matches), Card Champion Case (1st place), 5,000 coin VR (Player in 1st place).

    Swab ye decks of dem thar spider webs:
    On the 19th of March, after much teasing, a update came onto the shores of Sea Side with a great new Pirate mood! There was a new 3D in game added called “Pirate’s plunder” along with many new pirate items for your characters and house (Including Pet-Pals for coins!). 7-11 also started to host their promotion for buying a $10 SC code and getting a unique T-Rex mount. Later, on the 26th, Free Realms also released addition pirate items and pets.

    April, 2010

    As we go along into reaching the full circle, Free Realms is still updating their game for us to use and we continue to hope for much, much more in the future of the realms and their life. Happy Birthday Free Realms!

    # Unicorns!
    # It's a birthday Party!

    Quickly on April 1st, Free Realms had put in some Rainbow Unicorns and two new rabbit and chicken pet pals!
    It's a birthday party:
    On the 21st of April, Free Realms came out with another patch before it's official birthday. A huge birthday event was released all over the sacred grove, with so much cake you couldn't believe!

    ~ Dear me... is that it?
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    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    Great thred Monkies!

    I don't suggest you to open the following spoiler. I think it'll explode! Run!
    Spoiler: show
    Silly you, why did you open the spoiler? Haha.

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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    Awesome Monkies!!

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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    You've brought back so many memories....

    I remember seeing a Free Realms commercial on May 12th and signing up that day. On May 24th I became a member due to ****ord in Blackspore turning into a members only quest. I've greatly enjoyed every moment since and still do. My only regret is not Googling defense mini games sooner and having Daddio's videos pop up ( I love the staff!!). I became a member of FRI about a month later and it has made my Free Realms experience that much sweeter. I am in for the long haul and look forward to what the future has in store for both FR and FRI. Happy Birthday Free Realms!

    Monkies, thank you for all the hours and hard work you put in to create this thread. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and reminicing.
    Nothing is permanent.


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    Default Re: Free Realms' Time-line

    This is very cool, Monkies! thank you for all the work in placing this together.

    Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'.
    I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

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