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    Icon1 About the Gloam Council and the unblinding

    In Free Realms, the Gloam Council might return! After the unblinding, the people in Blackspore fled, right when the Gloam Council was formed! Isn't that wierd! If you research it, they should be hiding on the Isle of Tears! As you know, it is of bounds but, I have been there and there are suspicious marks there! The old quest in Blackspore brought me there! The Gloam Council should attack the the Royal Palace in Sanctuary! We need to guard it in the future! To get in it, you need to go to Sal Monozel in Blackspore. That quest also lets you go in Briarheart Palace! Queen Darkthorne in Briarheart keeps underground prisons cotaining a lot of fairies in it. Yoiu can't go there anymore though. The people closed it down. Isn't it strange that Large Wilds Houses have strange marks on the roofs? Geoffery in the Royal Palace said he had a master. What if that so called "master" attacked Shrouded Grove, (Free Realms)
    We need ninjas, brawlers, wizards, warriors, medics, and all the other combat jobs to kill his master if he ever attacks! Anyone who has a combat job should look in Sanctuary from time to time. I wouldn't be surprised if the mosters in Free Realms were responsible. Maybe the Shasdow Talon too. I bet Geoffery's master might be Darkthorne or one of her wizards. She seemed nice but, we could consider that she was tricking us! Just look around Sanctuary sometimes to keep it safe. If anyone knowes more about this possible threat, please reply. Thank you for listening to my important message.

    P.S. Before the unblinding, Blackspore used to be beautiful! Ihave seen it before the unblinding. I think I heard it was called Sunshine Vale but, someone told me that. I'm not sure about it.

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    Default Re: About the Gloam Council and the unblinding

    Not shadow talon... at least i do not think.

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