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    Icon4 Skater shorts!

    :O I just got skater shorts
    Story of how that happened:
    I was trading in tcg, when this girl ( forgot her name D: ) , asked me to trade, i click yes.....
    then she said "Merry christmas" and gave me skater shorts :O, I told her dont you want something
    too? And she said its okay.!
    ***TRUE STORY***

    How come there isnt alot of people like that>?
    That girl was spreading christmas Joy!
    But i fell sorry that i didnt give her anything D:

    So ill try to spread some christmas Joy!

    Whoever are the first 3 people to post something.... will get 10k & a mystery gift (winterwear stuff)
    Whoever is the 4-8th to post will get 5k and a mystery gift(Winterwear stuff)
    Whoever is the 9-?th to post will get 2k and winterwear stuff

    ****NOTE****: This ends today (dec. 25.) at 10:00p.m. (EST)

    ***ANOTHER NOTE***: it has to end cuz i only have 30k left xD
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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    Merry Christmas!

    Where you stop is where you start again.
    Celestina Corinne

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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    wow thats real nice of her and Merry Christmas

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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    merry xmas ^^ and wow o.o! gratz for the shorts XD
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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    ^ ^ Girls are joy-ful! (Fine boyz are too...>.>) I hope you liked your christmas!
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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    Congratz and Merry Christmas

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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    Oh that is very nice of her. Merry Christmas!!!

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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    Nice to know there are still good peeps out there Happy New Year!!

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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    omg omg omg is it still open? and wow thats so freaking nice

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    Default Re: Skater shorts!

    Thats awesome! Congratz!

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