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Title: Fully Loded Miner gear

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    Default Fully Loded Miner gear

    So anyways, some time back, I had gotten most of my Fully Loded Miner set, after spending hours upon hours of playing mini games. Tried getting the boots over and over again though, and they would never drop (for my main character). Then along comes SSV, and the mini games removed from mining, and I went mining gold ore, and imagine my surprise when the boots dropped off the gold vein I had just mined! I was so excited because I finally completed my set.

    Then I was playing on my alt and mining gold and got a second pair in aqua. Oh wow, now the set comes in multiple's not just turbo like the original set. I was doing Red's quests on my alt, and realized she needed to finish her mining and black smithing quests because she couldn't smelt iron, silver, or gold yet. So I returned to the old areas of the game and proceeded to do her quests and she learned how to smelt silver and gold, but no iron.

    I did, however, complete the smelting mini game at the gold mine, and her first try at that game, she got the original set of turbo boots. I promptly transferred those boots over to my main, hoping not to confuse the two pair. I know there are other items I've gotten in like colors that don't end up stacking based on their coming from two different sources, so that is what I was hoping for. Sure enough, they didn't stack. I equipped the new pair of boots, thereby removing the pair I had mined, and made sure to remove that pair from my main's inventory so as not to ever mix the two pair of boots up.

    Now my main is decked out in a full and complete original set of Fully Loded Miner gear, and that makes me very happy!

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    Default Re: Fully Loded Miner gear

    Congratulations! That is a huge achievement. It seems that the original one is now only obtainable through the mini-game?

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    Default Re: Fully Loded Miner gear

    Congrats! I just finished the set myself a few days ago. 8]

    @Aang: I'm actually not sure.

    Attachment 47568
    Attachment 47569
    Attachment 47567

    Now that I look at the colors next to eachother, it almost looks like the Fully Loaded gear has a darker colored outline. I guess the only way to get the old color is through trade now. 8]

    Edit: I just added the chest and now the outlines look the same. I guess you can still get that color for fully loaded, but it doesn't stack with the old color.

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    Default Re: Fully Loded Miner gear

    Fully Loaded Miner armor comes in different colors now?

    Must... get... blue... armor...

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    Default Re: Fully Loded Miner gear

    Do you recall which gold nodes you received the fully loaded gears from?

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    Default Re: Fully Loded Miner gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Adwin Castor View Post
    Do you recall which gold nodes you received the fully loaded gears from?
    If you look around Briarwood, there are the little Gold mining mini games (Look like rocks? I forgot what they're called!) They give you some pieces. There is smelting of Gold Bars I believe that give you pieces too. I think that is all..

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