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    Default Recommendation!

    I am leveling a new toon, I hate how little damage they do at low levels, and to help myself level faster, I bought a SC $2.50 weapon.
    All I can say is WHOA! way more damage. One shot kills and all.
    It is a good investment tto buy one of these weapons.

    I bought the Ornate ward (coin flow wand) for My main to level wizardy, but I didnt see much of a difference in coin drop so I would reall yrecommend going with the damage and forgetting the coin.

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    Default Re: Recommendation!

    yeah most of us know the coin flow aint worth it
    thanks for the heads up for sc weapon
    Shut up and eat your pie.
    All lead you to epicness.

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    Default Re: Recommendation!

    I always think about result. What are you going to do with the weapon when you're Level 20?
    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Default Re: Recommendation!

    There's also leveling fast and leaving behind favorite places, like Tavern Celler or Hot Springs - no fun anymore with a bazooka. On my combat jobs, I waited until lvl10 and almost wished I didn't.
    And, when I got to high levels, the weapons I earned I never used.
    Really, consider the fun factor before you buy - I think it may go down with those things. You can smash up Forest Troll Fort soon enough and, when you get there, you'll have to do it over and over again anyway to level up.
    So what if Briar Patch is spitting you out? Keep leveling and getting stuff, you'll beat it and have more fun with earned items. If you want to punch thru just once early, join a group and do it.

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