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Title: New Jobz

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    Icon2 New Jobz

    i think there shud be new jobz. i RLLY like this Rockstar idea. what do UUUUUU think r sum rlly gud jobz 4 FR?
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    Default Re: New Jobz

    I think Lumberjack would be good.. I got this from a thread who's name i can't remember.. I'll see If i can find it.
    Ah, here it is:

    I was thinking of various activities I would enjoy in FR while playing today and so compiled the four I believe should be added, given that they not only expand the game but would offer up new content to both members and non-members alike.
    Oh, I also settled on adding four alone as the job-list (at 1280x1024 resolution, which I play at) has rows of four in it.

    Alternative Titles: Ranger / Lumberjack / Logger
    The concept entails creating a class which places some emphasis on the plants of the FR-world, the trees in particular. I imagined a character that, like a miner with rocks, could gather resources from different tree-types (ash, oak, maple and so on) by finding them in the world. This would make for both greater incentive to explore (to find the rare trees) and a better reason to visit new lands (for more tree types, for instance, something like Palm or Mangrove could only be found at Seaside).
    But, here's the kicker: the class would also be able to use the wood they gathered for practical purposes. First, they could use it to create supplies for use by other classes (wooden planks for a blacksmith) but also to create unique items of their own. For instance, they could craft House-items, such as beds, dressers and just about anything else that should/could be made of wood.
    Finally, it might be nice to include a unique Forester-only skill: mountain-climbing. That is, once in the Forester class the character could more easily scale mountains, thus no more slipping down the side of a hill you're attempting to climb nor taking the long-way-round to reach a destination, just go up and over!

    Alternative Titles: Drifter / Alpine Racer
    Given the large number of snow-covered mountains in FR, I find it odd that a snow-based job doesn't really exist and, frankly, what could be more fun than snowboarding?
    The premise would be much like that of the kart-based classes, but with snowboards. Becoming a 'boarder would grant you access to a large amount of different races and challenges (slalom, big air jumps, half-pipe competitions). You could also purchase or obtain a large variety of snowboards, new clothing (appropriate gear, such as hoods, parkas and snowshoes) and perhaps even compete against your friends or simply engage in some lighthearted boarding down the slopes.

    Alternative Titles: Biker / Roadster
    The primary idea behind the Cyclist is not only to provide a new class and further quests (or "things to do"), but a mount that everyone can enjoy, member and non-member alike. You see, one of the major problems, as I see it, and one of the primary reasons free-players might hold some ill-will against the paying members is that they, the free-ones, do not have access to mounts. Thus, while they watch the members zip about, they're confined to a much slower pace. Sure, that makes good sense from Sony's perspective: providing another reason for people to pay up, but where a free member, such as myself, is concerned, it's just slightly irksome. So, enter the Cyclist...
    The Cyclist would be the only class that came with a mount that is usable in the world (that is, outside of challenges, unlike the karts): a bicycle. Of course, this wouldn't be just any bike, but an upgradeable one. You could customize the paint job and decals on it, the type of seat, the type of tire (road, off-road, mountain, et cetera) all of which would have an effect on its handling. Naturally, the Cyclist skill-level would also come into play, dictating how fast the bike can go at top-speed, thus while free-players would finally have a mount, the paying-players would still have the advantage and thus Sony's business strategy (make everyone pay!) would remain sound.
    As for quests, I can imagine most of them being based, like the Postman, around making it to certain areas in a set amount of time while on the bike. They could also include jumps and off-road challenges, in addition to races, both against the computer and other players. Oh, and need I mention the cyclist gear? Helmets, pads, shorts and so on. Everyone loves gear, right? Right.

    Alternative Titles: Animalist / Shapeshifter / Beastmaster
    The last one would likely be the most difficult to implement, but I think it would be phenomenal. Everyone is always grabbing at a monster cake (or whatever they're called) when one is dropped, so I thought: why not base a class around that? Becoming a monster.
    The Shaman would be a combat-class, but with a twist: you fight as a monster. Now, the monster-type would be dependent on the player, given that they, in essence, "collect" the types they can become. Some might be purchasable (in the coin shop and some SC-exclusives), but most would be obtained by defeating the monster itself. Thus, if you want to be capable of transforming into a wolf, you must first enter combat with one and beat it, then, presto! You can change into a wolf. From then on, once in the Shaman-class the player could choose the type of monster they want to use from those they've acquired. Different monsters would have different skills/strengths and who knows, perhaps you could even use them outside of would make for an interesting sight: a city full of monsters.

    wow.. I just copied the first post of This thread..: (Four New Jobs...)
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    Default Re: New Jobz

    for new jobs i would say, ice skaing, ice hocker, dance compitions, surfing contests, and possibly flying races LoL

    ice hockey i meant to say LoL
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    Default Re: New Jobz

    I think an assassin type combat job would be good. Wearing tuxedos and dinner jackets as armor and attacking with throwing knives, guns and other gangster type weapons. I also like the Lumberjack Idea above. Solider/Bodyguard job might do well too. Using spears and standards, Roman helmets similar to warriors. I also think Chefs should be able to cook fish from the fisherman job and maybe even obtain meat in combat!
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    Default Re: New Jobz

    Ice skater is a really good idea but I think rock star is better!

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    Default Re: New Jobz

    Druid was already confirmed, now I want a Spartan job, just so I have an excuse to yell "THIS IS SPARTA!!!"

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