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Title: Max Archer

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    Icon7 Max Archer

    You dont know where to get max archer stuff come here Go to haunted mines to get Shirt AND forest troll fort to get hat thats all i know if you know where else reply

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    Default Re: Max Archer

    It's the Tier VI *its suppose to be Six, correct me if I am wrong* Battles. So yes, Haunted Caves and the Forest troll fort are good places and examples
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    Default Re: Max Archer

    I think that the highest tier in FR is 5 .

    To get the original max combat gear (for any job), this is where to go:

    Forest Troll fort (Wilds south of Shrouded Glade)- Head
    Haunted Mines (Blackspore) - Chest
    Dark Spore Depths (Briarwood) - Legs
    Briarheart Caverns (Briarwood) - Arms
    Tanglewood Fort (Briarwood) - Misc
    Cray Caves (Seaside) - Boots

    The other tier 5 battles are Snowy Canyon (Snowhill) and Trail of Betrayal (Briarwood), but they don't give max gear.
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