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    Default Jobs Of The Future

    Hello today i wanna post ideas about things to come for jobs forgive me if im in the wrong area im a new time guy with this kind of stuff but not with gaming.anyway at the moment my opinion is that theres almost no difference between what a warrior can do and what a ninja can do.yeah they have the weapon moves. but really? i was thinking a ninja could use two weapons like maybe to shadow blades.not only does it look cool but maybe it could let you do things you usually cant idk what though.and maybe a warrior could like have some kind of strength bar not like stars but like if you have enough strength you can use one axe in each hand. and blacksmith and chef could start having the ability to go out as an adventurer and find recipes like secret ones or do experiments and figure out what does what. and different creations do different things. idk about you but i would also think adding on to houses is a different kind of house.they cost more but they are huge like a big castle or a ninja dojo.and each one is for a certain level job.i was also thinking of a architect job you would use a designing minigame where you design a house really good house.then use the builder job or higher a builder with coin to build it.then you can sell it or not your choice .if you choose to sell it there could be a housing market where players can buy it and all rights or rent it.please post more ideas.

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    Default Re: Jobs Of The Future

    I think they should put in pet trainer again
    Clay Hawksword

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