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    Default Combat Gear turn into Adventurer Gear

    It would be cool if they turn some combat and non combat clothes into adventurer clothing they just have to tweak it a little

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    Default Re: Combat Gear turn into Adventurer Gear

    They more or less have done that with the VIP. When you max VIP you can mix clothing from all jobs when on Adventurer.

    Obviously, this is a long term members only benefit, so I can see why people would want to see Adventurer versions of clothing from other jobs. Members on the other hand would probably prefer it stay as is.
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    Default Re: Combat Gear turn into Adventurer Gear

    Yes that has happened.
    To get to the max level you can (correct me if I am wrong):
    Log on often as a member
    Buy VIP items (phoenix pet, Sun mount, VIP boom box, etc)
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