Well, at one point I was thinking like this "I quit" phase that seems to be going around. I stopped for about a week and came back. I build stuff and such for my house and help my friends with quests are armor hunt. And yes, it has changed so very much from Beta Testing. I remember when I first got the email from SOE telling me that I was accepted as a Beta Tester. After about seven UIs being used, filters chewing up and spitting any and every word possible, the entire combat system being altered, the economy being shellshocked from price inflation and the massive and sad happening of referees not hanging out with us players anymore...I'd still recommend coming back. Though it's not the same it's formed into something for everyone.

This game, though not the same as it once was, is a part of my life and in a sense has grown like all the Beta players have. We started from 15-20 years old and we're now 18-23 and those who have stuck by and helped SOE build this multimillion community have a permanent attachment to this game despite the "I'm quitting" and "It's lame now" comments made. It's sort of like a child to us. We helped raise it. Shape it to the wonderfully famous and renowned game that is.

To all who are from the Beta era of this game that say they're quitting, I say reconsider this decision. This game is our child more than it is SOE's or anyone else's! We're the collective parents who shaped an idea into a masterpiece! Without us, what is Free Realms? It's nothing without you!

I congratulate you for standing with me in shaping this game! I also ask you, please don't quit, there's always something to do in Free Realms. You just have to see it!

Thank you for your time in reading this.

~Skyler Blueeyes, Beta Tester