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Title: Help Posts

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    Default Help Posts

    Hey im a new member of FRI but i have probably been in for about too weeks i want to know where to find help posts or how to do them or something like that so can you help me please?

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    Default Re: Help Posts

    I will tell you what. Just post like a member in the forums. Don't try to get "helpful posts". Because as long as you are positive in what you say to other members, it doesn't matter. I am tired of members joining, posting once or twice, then rapidly posting after two weeks to join Insiders. So just be yourself, post like an average member does, and enjoy your stay.
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    Default Re: Help Posts

    Well, hello there! =)
    First of all, I'd like to welcome you to FRI!
    Like Painbringer said, be yourself, and post just for the sake of having fun and being friendly. Believe me — those 50 helpful posts before you can join the guild just fly by when you're having fun.
    If you ever have any questions, feel free to VM (visitor message)/PM (private message) me.
    See you around the Realms!
    ~ Celestina

    Where you stop is where you start again.
    Celestina Corinne

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    Default Re: Help Posts

    posts are actually just comments so you post a comment you have a post

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