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    Default Visit My seaside Mansion!

    Hey! Ben Realm here,

    I'm here to tell you about my Fully finished Seaside Mansion. This house on a beach front property has three bathrooms, three living rooms, four bedrooms, back deck with pool, a pyramid, and a tiki lounge. The main part of the mansion has my master bedroom with balcony and a flat screen with a fireplace. The kitchen features a golden plant, two stoves,a fireplace you can go down on christmas and two fridges. There is a full bathroom too!

    The other part of the mansion has a fountain with stairs that goes up to other floor that has a bedroom, and a thrid floor(under construction). A living room, and another full bathroom.

    Visit my home anytime you want but its not in the Housing directory yet but it will be by March 2012
    and try to find the teleporter to my secret under ground

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    Default Re: Visit My seaside Mansion!

    When you get it listed in the housing directory I'll have to come check it out. Now, that I've finish my 1st lot I like seeing what others have created.

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    Default Re: Visit My seaside Mansion!

    Wow,I thought I could do better!Thats amazing!
    My Seaside Cliff Lot has a 2 part castle,looking to make it into a royal courtyard place thingy.
    3 bedrooms,1 GIANT kitchen on the second floor,a huge living room,a bathroom(duh),Im working on making more out of soon as I get more money....
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
    Beware, Thunder King, nobody is safe from my monk.

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