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    Default Village of Love is complete!!!

    Hey guys, well i took about two months to make, but I have finished my Village of Love. This project is completely dediacted to the event, Festival of Hearts. AND IT HAS LESS LAG!!
    here is the information on my project


    It can be found in the direcotry under Lovely Vale or just search me, Kessha

    It has
    -Symmetrical Garden around Gazebo
    -Teddy Port House(there is a teleporter that leads you to Palace of Love)
    -Love Cafe
    -Stone Heart Lair
    -Palace of Love Entrance
    -Palace of Love
    -Fountain of Love Park

    Notes and Commentaries on my creation:
    I enjoyed making this project and I think it turned out great and my ideas really showed from paper to real(or game) I am glad that teh festival of hearts is around that I can create something thats dedicated to it. My favorite thing that I created was the Garden around the Gazebo because i love how the red stone coffee tables look like red velvet, me and Chammy thought that, and how the plants and the fountains make it peaceful. I hope you guys enjoy my work!

    Here are pictures I took they arent the best quality sorry, I guess you will have to see it for yourself. I will not be posting pcitures of the interior of the Palace cause i think alot of people have been in and already know what it looks like

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    Default Re: Village of Love is complete!!!

    It's really nice.
    I'll go there as soon as I can go on. [:

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