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    Default A tour of my Large Wilds House Treehouse

    Heeelllooo people.
    The other day, I got bored and made a treehouse. So now, I'm going to show you it in pictures.

    Untitled.jpgHere is a full view of the entire thing.

    Front Room.jpgThis is the front room. When you come out of the teleporter, you are here.

    Bar.pngHead past the balcony and down the hall to get to the hangout. This is just a fun little area I made.

    Skylight Lounge.pngGo up the stairs to arrive at the outdoor lounge. It has no roof, so it has an open feeling to it.

    Pool.jpgGo down the walkway past the lounge to get to the pool. The branches and leaves make it seem really cool.

    I have a bunch of smaller rooms in it that I didn't show. And there is my secret room, which is really hard to find. If you want to see it in-game, add me (Luna Dragonflight) and go to my large wilds house.
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    Default Re: A tour of my Large Wilds House Treehouse

    :O wow it is amazing it only took you a day to make it

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