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    Default Takin' Donations for my HEAVENLY PALACE!

    I'll be posting pictures so you know what your donations are actually going to.

    I'm modeling part of it as the dome of the Hagia Sophia.

    Here's a little history lesson:

    Hagia Sophia (meaning "Holy Wisdom") was a cathedral from Constantinople (an ancient city from the eastern part of Rome, which was part of the Byzantine empire) which, when Mehmet II invaded the city with his army, the Ottomans, was converted to a mosque. It has a HUGE dome on top which really inspired me (you can see this here. Doesn't it look like it's floating?! Amazing that it only took 6 years to build in the ancient times.)

    Please, I ask all of you, don't discriminate against this project. Yes, it's a Muslim temple; it was once Christian; it really doesn't and shouldn't matter. I'm not focusing on the religious aspect in ANY WAY. Just the dome and the brilliant (but not very wise when it comes to support/structure ) architecture here.

    Keep in mind, I'm not actually remodeling/remaking this. I'm just using the dome idea on top. The palace itself that I am building will be much, much different.


    I'm just going to do you all a favor and link them instead of post them

    Picture 1

    Picture 2*

    Picture 3*

    Picture 4

    Picture 5

    Picture 6

    Picture 7

    {These porters/launch-pads/etc. will probably be moved or not be there.}

    Thank you to the following people for donating!

    {C'mon, you know you want to be part of this fancy list. }

    Lastly, furniture is nice, but really, I don't need it. I'll take any normal (not tiger, etc.) blue/teal blocks if you want to directly give things. I'd rather get square blocks, rectangle flats, talls, and square flats if you chose this method of donation

    Coins are really the best thing to donate so I can specifically buy all the materials I need.

    Even if you don't donate, please take the time to check out my Heavenly Palace Shrouded-Stairs lot. Also, thanks for viewing this thread. Please spread the word!

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