Hey there,

My names Gustave, nice to meet you. I used to be known as Chosen, until I took a break. Since November, I've been getting on every other weekend doing power hour until I got around five million coins. After I had the coins in hand, I search everywhere for a building project that I felt was 'perfect'. I thought about Westminster Abbey, The Vatican, and many others until I finally came across the Siena Cathedral. I started working on it immeadiately, until I reached the maximum number of blocks. Standing twenty seven blocks tall and seven stories high, here is the Siena Cathdral.

~A little bit about the cathedral~

It took around three to four months to make, and five million coins. It is not yet open to the public, because I really never got to enjoy it while building. When it's open, I'll be sure to let you know. I couldn't have done this without the amazing amount of support I received from Chammy Pie.