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    Default Shadow Kevin's Seaside City

    Hi everyone, this is Shadow Kevin from Renegade here to tell you about my latest housing project. I am currently working on my Seaside Lot, which is going to be very awesome when it is finished. Right now I have finished the Renegade Castle and Camp Chatty. I have the first two floors of my hotel done and the Haunted Mansion finished. The pumpkin patch and graveyard are in process and same with the Spooky Forest. I am also making a Restaurant at the moment. I plan in the future to make a race track, town hall, school, bank, housing and apartments, a Christmas area at Christmas, a zoo, a cruise ship with docks, hot air balloons, a maze house, a dance area, a arena, a lighthouse, towers and more. If you have any suggestions please post here, and if you would like to make a donation please do the same.
    Thanks for reading.

    - Shadow Kevin

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    Default Re: Shadow Kevin's Seaside City

    wow i cant wait till you are done with those places. They sound awesome

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