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    Default Seaside Village

    I have a Seaside Beach Lot (that I love a lot), and have started many projects in it (one of them being a castle). But I have deleted the castle, because it wasn't really going anywhere, I would like to hopefully move it to a Shrouded Glade Lot (when I get the SC). So I am now building my own Seaside Village in the Seaside Beach Lot.

    It's still a working progress, but I do have a few things up. I will be sharing the updates, when something new changes. ; )

    So for now here are some pictures:

    Picture #1-Restaurant. I still need to add some seating in it.
    Picture #2-Church. The church is completely finished.
    Picture #3-The outside of the church.
    Picture #4-My fish tank you will see when you first enter my village.
    Picture #5-The stage. I am still trying to win some yellow square blocks to finish off the flooring. And I will need to add some "towels" as seating.
    Picture #6-The inside of the library.
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    Default Re: Seaside Village

    Looks neat! If you'd be willing I'd like to buy the treasure chest 10,000 coins not k though!
    Spoiler: show
    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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    Default Re: Seaside Village

    Awsome! I'm doing an amusment park in mine.. But I'm a long way from finished. (I already have 500+ things in there and I'm not even done with the first part.)
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