my goal is to reach five stars and be as popular as Selena Winterheart's creations (good job Selena on the castle) i have made a Sabor tooth tiger out of blocks and a Merry vale rainbow, i know it probably isn't good but i for my self haven't seen it before... i am inviting people over but people keep adding me then not showing up but asking bout my rares -_- it is called Big Festive Park on a wuga chug lot, some have asked my where the tiger is when its in front of them, it is in the back of the lot with a paw on a dance floor you can't see it when you enter my lot because when you are to far away from the blocks it disappears except the teeth, thee mary vale rainbow is easy to spot since it is to your right, please vote and have fun. and tell me what you think, and sorry i dont have pics i can't seem to find the screen shots on my computer

IGN: Thalia Eagleshield

P.S. there is a purple and blue teleporter next to you on your right the are separated by a table choose one of them and ask a friend to choose the other and you will be surprised on what you find lol have fun!!