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Title: Roman Coliseum

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    Default Roman Coliseum

    Come one come all, come big come small, come tough come weak.

    I have finally Completed my Roman Colisium in my Briar Falls Lot, I hope all of you would come visit it! Maybe there will be a Gladiator Fight in the center????? hmmm???

    Its in the directory under Ancient Arena or just search Kessha.

    Comments: This was a new challenge for me as a builder, after this i feel i can build anything, trust me you havent built unless you have built a giant circle, and let me tell you its a challenge. I am happy with the outcome, unlike my other places it doesnt have alot of lag because it has the least of items standing only at 2756 items the Roman Colisium is done! It was pretty cheap thanks to the lowering block prices, but the furniture, was so expensive i spend probably over 200,000 coins on furniture and probably maybe under 100,000 on blocks(i didnt keep track but it was cheap) Without further Comments here it is!


    Pictures dont do justice as the real thing, go to it at ancient Arena - Kessha

    Hope to see you there!!!

    Read more:Mystic Mayhem - A Free Realms Community - Roman Coliseum
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    Default Re: Roman Coliseum

    It looks really nice Kessha!
    I would love visit right after I finish this TCG tournament!

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    Default Re: Roman Coliseum

    Neat, man.
    It's really cool. [:

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    Default Re: Roman Coliseum

    OMGGGGG that looks so nice! cool congratulations I wish I could see it but I can't get on FR for 3 months now cuz I'm in russia.. but I might go on when I go to where my grandma works and go on her work computer like last time.... and when I do I will totallyyyy see it I love building also.. it's about 90% of what I do on Free Realms now.. and ya, the lowered prices of the blocks helped me a LOT too!

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    Default Re: Roman Coliseum

    Ijust went and checked it out. You did a really awesome job! It looks great!

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