If you liked Hot High HavenFree Realms Mayhem - A Free Realms family friendly community • View topic - ~Hot High Haven~ my last building project. My new building project will be even better. It will be a fantasy RPG inspired pair of towers. It will include a throne room,bedrooms,garden,library,training room and more all fit for a king or queen.I will take most donations but coins would be the most helpful. Below is a list of items i would like besides the coins
1. potted plants.
2. shock traps,fire traps, spike traps. all from the newest tcg pack.
3. all of the tcg building blocks.
4. any color festival of the heart roses.
5. grey marble building materials all kinds.
I will add more as the tower is being built.

Here is the Ancient Throne sat on by the past rulers of the tower.

This is the bottom floor of the tower. Where do the portals lead? Only time will tell.