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Title: NEW LOT!!!!!

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    Icon4 NEW LOT!!!!!

    I have just gotta pictures of a new Sunstone valley lot. This lot is in Sunstone valley and since the lot is western-ish, the whole new area will be so much fun to explore. I don't know if you can be bought it SC marketplace but I think you can or get it from a Mystery chest. I will put up pictures late
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    Default Re: NEW LOT!!!!!

    It seems I see you everywhere.. on Facebook... Now On here!!! LOL
    I will try to visit your house when I get a chance.
    IGN : Wesley Stormspirit

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Default Re: NEW LOT!!!!!

    Lol,I got one to! You get them from the Baron Von Darkcheat thingy pack.
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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    Default Re: NEW LOT!!!!!

    Yeah, you get it from the Baron Von Darkcheat Boosters.
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    Default Re: NEW LOT!!!!!

    I have a few friends who have that lot, and we went outside the borders and they don't let you travel much :/ I mean that when you get around the fence border thingy, you can't go far much...

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    Default Re: NEW LOT!!!!!

    I've got one! its really cool! I made a Castle in it! And yes it is fun to go beyond borders..but you dont get far :/

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