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Title: New Houses

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    Icon7 New Houses

    Have you been wondering when Free Realms is going to put two story houses in the game? Well, for all we Insiders know, they are not adding any. I think they should because everyone is getting tired of building more stories.
    I myself, have two stories in my Large Wilds House. If you think the Free Realms people should add two or even three or four story houses, reply. Thank you.

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    Default Re: New Houses

    boo yea of course they should do that but rly they should make homes into coin shop too my mom is broke so she cant get me any sc at all anyway the 2 story homes idea is quite nice that would save alot of time then having to build a 2nd story so ppl thumbs up if you agree with me!
    Well Mister Smarty Pants I don't go running around.
    -Haha funny trolololol (randomness)

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    Default Re: New Houses

    Heck ya I mean what the point with lots? They are fun to be in but I would like a two story house I not in Insiders lol kind of just got an account XP

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    Default Re: New Houses

    The point of lots is to have fun building various things out of blocks, and other items. I have a big lot with over 1,500 blocks in it. I also plan to get another to make a silly string/snowball battlegrounds.

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    Default Re: New Houses

    Your ideas are cool! I been in FRI for 2/3 Months but i have been a member of FR for like 2/3 Years! my IGN is Nikky Wildtrekker and my Large Wilds is a Hotel! ( Check out the Tropical Birds of Paradise hotel Forum ) To see the Hotel, add me on free realms i'm in Servers 1, 10, and 5 usually.

    -Nikky Wildtrekker
    Manger of Birds of Paradise Hotel

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    Default Re: New Houses

    Well,our wish came true! If you guys haven't seen yet, they added a three story black spore swamp house :O It cost alot but it's worth all that But i think there is going to be more.And like how awsome would it be if they make a huge Seaside house

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