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    Default The new Ayani Camp and School Of Jobs.

    Welcome to the offical thread of the Ayani Camp and School. I'm building it at the moment, but here's what there will be.

    Different cabins for each job, training areas for each job, and other stuff.

    History: A long time ago, when Valerian began ruling the kingdom, the pixies that stayed didn't know how to cook or defend themselves against Darkthorne or the Gloam. A kind pixie named Ayani began a camp and school for the pixies and called it Ayani's School for the Pixies. The school later crashed in a thunderstorm and now I am building my own and calling it Ayani's Camp and School.

    Head of all the school: Nikky Wildtrekker (Sammiebird101)
    Combatic Choices (These are for Combatic and Defending)

    Main Classes:
    Animals/Plants :
    Cool 'n' School (Regular school):

    Leader: Nikky Wildtrekker (Sammiebird101)
    Tent and Supplies:

    Soccer Team!
    Coach 1:
    Coach 2:

    About the classes:
    The Combatic classes are to teach the basics of defending and combat.

    Archers: Level 1-5 will take a beginner's class with basics, target practice and some easy battles every now and then. levels 6-10 will get more battles and target practices of different kinds, and levels 11-20 will get even more and trickier stuff.
    About: It is the trickiest of all the combatic classes.
    Prize for Level 20: The offical Ayani Archer Outfit and Bow.

    Brawlers: These are a bit easier. Level 1-5 get simple battles, 6-10 get tricker battles, and 11-20 the hardest battles.
    About: Easier than the Archer.
    Prize: Offical Ayani Brawler Outfit and Hammer.

    Wizards: same as brawler
    About: a bit easier than archer
    Prize: An offical ayani wizard outfit and wand.

    ninja: same as brawler
    About: easier than archer
    Prize: Offical Ayani ninja suit and sword

    Medic: Do battles and also heal members in battle.
    About: Important because medics heal others in battle. Its said to have at least one medic in a battle will make things easier.
    prize: Offical ayani suit, plus a battling weapon and a healing weapon.

    Cool 'n' school: Just basic classes on regular subjects.

    Combatic Forms:

    Free realms insider name:
    Free Realms IGN:
    Combatic Classes:
    Approximate Level for each job:
    Are you a member?:
    Do you have TCG weapons?:
    If yes to above question, which TCG weapons:
    Will you attend the classes when they are taught?
    Do you accept the rules?:
    Will you let teachers know when you cant make a class:

    Main Classes:
    Free Realms insider Name:
    Are you a member?:
    Levels (for adventurer and chef class):
    Do you accept rules:
    Will you attend the classes when they are taught:

    Soccer Team
    Free Realms insider name:
    Part of soccer you want:
    Will you attend practices and meets:
    Do you accept the rules?:
    Will you let the coach know if you cant make a parctice/meet?:

    1. Follow all Free Realms Rules
    2. No fighting
    3. If you cant make a class/soccer game/meet/practice let yur teacher/coach know.
    4. Follow all these and you'll stay in the school/camp for sure.

    PM Sammiebird101 for questions. Post below forms filled out to join the camp or let me know if you wanna be a teacher. Please put your IGN, Free Realms Insider Name, and what job you'll teach.
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