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    Icon3 Need ideas.!!!

    Hey its Ben Realm here!

    I'm here to ask you guys for Ides for my Laketree Lot that is totally empty and I need ideas for it.

    *If you have Ideas post below*

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    Default Re: Need ideas.!!!

    Omg i had an idea to make it a huge market/mall area like cover the water with blocks! :d

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    Default Re: Need ideas.!!!

    Hey friends the Bøb is back

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    Default Re: Need ideas.!!!

    Possibly a circus? Buildings so much fun! Mainly with the new prices!

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    Default Re: Need ideas.!!!

    I'm making mine a castle. It'll be the best castle in Free Realms.

    I'm not going to let you see it until I post it in the Directory. My friend (Katie1 Valentine) and I are doing a castle contest and when our castles are done, we will invite Chammy Pie and a few others to judge them. I assure you, mine is going to win. Trust me. ROFL I think that at least! We told each other we won't spoil what the castles look like, but she's not an Insider and I don't think a few spoilers will hurt...
    Spoiler: show

    My castle will be the absolute biggest it can be. It will cover all of the water and around the Laketree will be a big spiral staircase. Since the castle will be built on the water, there's no need to put that already-made swimming pool there. I will go underwater with the glitch I know and make the walls of the pool so that you can't swim under the whole castle. I will have a homemade bouncy castle, a hotel, a school, a restaurant, a mall, towers, and so much more.
    Tell me if you want to judge our castles! We're not aloud to ask people to vote for us, says my friend, but that doesn't mean I can't wink. Rofl.
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    Default Re: Need ideas.!!!

    I built a bunch of docks and stuff with an array of bridges, kinda embraced the spring break paradise

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