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    Default My Obstacle Course

    This is my Obstacle Course at my Sandy Beach Lot!!! What do you think? Cool, huh?

    my course.png
    my course2.png
    my course3.png
    my course4.png
    my course5.png
    my course6.png

    I am also letting people rent it for events, parties, and stuff like that if anyone is interested.

    Here are the options if you want to rent it:
    Anywhere from 1-2 hours: 2,000c
    Anywhere from 3-4 hours: 4,000c
    Anywhere from 5-6 hours: 6,000c
    Anywhere from 7-8 hours: 8,000c
    Anywhere from 9-10 hours: 10,000c
    Anywhere from 11-12 hours: 12,000c
    Anywhere from 13-14 hours: 14,000c
    Anywhere from 15-16 hours: 16,000c
    Anywhere from 17-18 hours: 18,000c
    Anywhere from 19-20 hours: 20,000c
    Anywhere from 21-22 hours: 22,000c
    Anywhere from 23-24 hours: 24,000c

    Just PM me if you want to rent it.
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    Default Re: My Obstacle Course

    Can't wait to race!
    Aaron Esko <Insiders>

    (^^Marley! But don't forget Bubba, Buddy, Duke, Jasper, and my other 47 pets!)

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